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Does hula hooping really make you fit?

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I don’t know about you, but when I dance, hoop and workout, I do it because I want to feel good.

There are many different ways to test if we feel good. Obviously you know when you move yourself out of a funk or maybe when your energy levels are up after a workout. You know, that feeling, when your workout truly shifts your mood. That’s a great way to just be witness and test if your workout, dance or hooping session, is really giving you what you want.

Another way that we often test if our workout is really giving us benefits, is to see how many calories we are burning, or to see how much energy we are putting out. The more calories that we burn off, or the more energy that we burn off, the more the feel good chemicals are really kicking in.

There’s definitely different types of hooping and different ways that you can get a little bit more out of your workout. I know if I have a very chilled out hoop dance, then I’m not getting myself into that peak state of feeling really good. I actually have to level up a little bit with my energy expenditure so that I can get what I need, I can feel better with my workouts.

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Today, I thought that we might do a little test.

The first 10 minutes, I’m going to do a relaxed, not moving my feet, just pulsing my belly with the hoop on my waist, barely moving my arms, and we’ll see how much energy I can burn.

In the second 10 minutes, I’m going to get a little bit more excited with my hoop dance. Going to start to move my arms, I’m going to keep the hoop on my waist though and I’m going to start to pick up my feet and move around. This is the kind of hoop dance that I really loved and still do, really love when I first started moving with the hoop. It’s what really activated that feel good energy. It’s why I’ve continued to hoop dance for so many years. We’re going to dance around a little bit more for 10 minutes.

Then in the last 10 minutes, we are going to see how much energy I can burn when I am totally going for it, rocking out, pushing the hoop onto all different parts of the body. I’m going to do minimal off body moves, but I will transition the hoop on and off.

Let’s just see the difference, 10 minutes chill, 10 minutes dancing, 10 minutes rocking out. Let’s go.


After 10 minutes of relaxed hula hooping

In the first 10 minutes I burned 56 calories.

I’m not super concerned about the calories, I’m really about the energy that I’m burning. This is just one way to measure it, and we’re just doing one test here, but we are going to look at how much more awesomeness and energy output we can do when we start to dance and pick up our feet.

For the next 10 minutes, I am going to be moving around in my circle, maybe do some breaks back and forth, but I’m going to keep the hoop on my waist. Let’s just see the difference.

10 minutes of moderate hoop dance

First of all, I feel so much more alive, than the first 10 minutes of just on my waist. I had so much more fun, I was singing along to the tracks and feeling really free, almost having these visions like I was outdoors. I was truly having a great workout.

In this 10 minutes I burned 75 calories. Quite an increase from just standing still.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with standing still. A 10 minute waist hoop is awesome, it’s going to be great for unlocking your posture, for opening up your body, and for making you feel good.

I’ve go another 10 minutes to go. This time, I’m going to be bringing the hoop up and down my body. If you’re a beginner, and you like, “Okay, whoa, that is just way too intense.” Well you can always check out some of my other tutorials and some of my lessons on It does take time, but part of the time taking, part of the process is making you stronger and fitter and have more stamina; just feeling more alive.

10 minutes of totally rocking my hoop dance

According to the Fitbit and my sweat, in that 10 minutes of on body, waist, upper body, vertical hooping, a little bit of off body, doing some vortexes, and spinning above the head, I burned 89 calories.

Now, whether it’s a number or whether it’s just a feeling, I absolutely know that that level of hoop dance, where I have a few different tricks where I’m really moving around, where I’m taking the hoop onto different parts of my body, it allows me to access a feeling that is like a high intensity workout. It’s a feeling where everything else just drops away. I can forget about whatever the day has brought. I can forget about any of the problems that are going on, and I can drop into my body. That’s what I personally want from a workout. That’s what I personally want when I dance and when I hoop.

The moral of the story, is that the more you move, even within the same time frame, the more energy you’re going to give out, the more your body is going to activate, the more you’re going to be able to release in your mind and drop down into your body and into your movement. The movements can be repetitive. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, I have to do this certain sequence.” I was just dancing wildly freestyle, without any stress about what tricks I should do.

I have learned some tricks along the way. If you do want to learn some tricks with me so that you can amplify your hoop dance workouts and dance so that you can get into this state, this state of feeling absolute over the top bliss in 10 minutes.

If you want to learn some more amazing tricks with me and come along and do some workouts, there are three ways.

First of all, Hooplovers YouTube. Lots of fun, free tutorials for you. Be sure to subscribe.

Here on, I really go in depth with how to master the moves safely, how to build them into your own practise.

Then there is Hoop Love Workouts we get into the flow of workouts so that you can create this bliss, the hoop glow, fun hoop dance workouts.

YOU get to decide for yourself where you want to take your workouts and how effective, how amazing you really want them to be.