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How to Hula Hoop on Your Chest and Shoulders

How to Chest and Shoulder Hoop

Some call it Hoop Heaven; if you have been slogging away trying to chest and shoulder hoop without much luck you might be thinking of it as Hoop…that other place that starts with H that’s apparently hotter than Bikram. (train with me online about shoulder hooping)

I am going to give you the chest and shoulder hooping low down!

Are you in front of a mirror right now? Quick sneak into the office bathroom. Check yourself out in that shop window reflection. Dash into your bedroom.

Standing grounded yet tall, admire your exquisite beauty, blow yourself a quick kiss. OK enough, we are here to chest and shoulder hoop. FOCUS!

Whether you are watching yourself in a mirror or not and with or without a hoop start to notice how your chest and shoulders can move, isolate and rotate independently of the rest of your body.

Imagine you are shining light out of your heart, fill the room with that energy…did you know that you are always doing that anyway?

“The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG). HeartMath studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity. “

This is pretty incredible, let your heart energy shine. With that kind of power we can radiate and definitely get the hoop spinning. Imagine the magnifying effect that must have.

Work on getting your hips to stabilize and initially pressing or sliding your chest area in four direction – front, side, back, side. Breathe, stretch and notice how the rest of your body responds to this isolated upper body movement. In the video below I also give you an opening hoop stretch to try, unlocking for the upper body.

If you have your hoop with you let’s work on keeping it rotating on the chest. Stand tall and place the hoop so that it is pressing against your shoulder blades. You can check out the chest and shoulder hooping video below for an example of this.

When you feel ready give your hoop a nice flat spin, raising your arms up and out of the way and see what happens. It is probably going to dive straight to your middle body or even the floor, that is cool. Try it a few more times, this time working with that stretch we did earlier >front, side, back, side. You might like to close your eyes and feel the connection you are making with the hoop.

Now begin to play with finding a beat that matches your hoop’s rotation, pulsing front, side, back, side. Which will eventually smooth into move of an internal chest/heart rotation. But for now go with finding the upper body and hoop rhythm. Remembering to do what you can to lock off movement in the lower body. Try this standing in one spot or turning in a tight circle (prepare to be a little dizzy)

Remember the force that your heart sends out and use your open front chest pulsing to keep your hoop spinning.

Next is the transition from chest to shoulder.

Check out the vid to see how to make that happen.

Did I mention this is tricky? That it takes time? It took me months to work this one out but what a cool journey it was. While working on getting to hoop heaven I strengthened my entire body, so be patient, stick at it, it is totally possible.

Make sure you have the right size hoop and check out all the trouble shooting tips I offer below plus a little story about the importance of change!

I think we might just be changing the world, one heart pulsating chest hoop session at a time. What do you think? Learn shoulder Hooping today.

How to Chest and Shoulder Hoop
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