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How to Create Your Own Hoop Dance Sequence

How to create your own hoop dance sequence

I get a lot of emails and messages from hoopers all over the planet asking for help with their hoop dance flow. So I thought I would create this post to share with you just one of the many ways that you can create practice sequences to find some flow between your hoop dance tricks.

This week in my hoop dance classes the theme is co-creation. As a diverse class of movers we each contribute a hoop move that we find enjoyable/challenging/interesting/easy. We go around the circle with each hooper contributing a trick/move and as a group work out any transitions that may need to be added between moves for smooth flow.

I adore facilitating this class every term because anything can and will happen. It is always a surprise to see what comes out and how each hooper takes on the challenge, let’s loose with their flow and makes the sequence their own.

Essentially we create a flow session in 90 minutes as a group. The time constraint actually makes it a powerful exercise because we can successfully craft something in a short amount of time that may otherwise take weeks/months.

You can very easily use this process yourself to develop gorgeous flow sessions, interesting choreography or add a splash of new to your hoop dance practices.

  •  Choose 6 – 10 tricks/moves
  •  Make a list on paper or in your head.
  •  Move through the tricks in sequence, developing any transitions that may be needed to get the hoop from one move to another.
  •  Practice enough times that your body becomes familiar with the order and flow and you can soften your thinking brain and drop into your body brain/muscle memory.
  •  Pick a piece of music that you enjoy.
  •  Move through your newly created sequence to the music and add any musicality or beat punctuations that fit with the track.

Try this out… Here are 10 hoopdance tricks and their tutorials. Practice them in hoop dance sequence and see what you come up with.

The Circus Start

Hinge Transition

Mandala Swing Start

Elbow Passing

A Step Through

Your choice of Isolation

Transition on to your body

Move the hoop up your body

Shoulder Duck Out

Flip the hoop off your body

Here is your cheat sheet list…

Circus Start > Hinge Transition > Mandala Swing Start > Elbow Passing > Step Through Isolation > On to body transition > Move the hoop up > Shoulder duck out > Flippin frames

OK now it is PLAY time!

Then I want you to share the love. I am excited to see your hoop practice.

Take an instagram video and tag it #hooplovers (so I can find you) Let me know @deannelovexo

Or take a hoop selfie and share it with us on Facebook, twitter or instagram #hooplovers

If you come up with a new sequence leave a list of tricks for us to try out too!