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How to Bring New Life to Your Hoop Dance

The past three weekly tutorials have been variations of the swing start behind the back move. This idea to share variations of one move came from a technique that I personally use to expand my hoop dance. By taking one simple and common aspect of my hoop dance flow, something that I do repetitively without thought, and making alterations to that move. This technique requires an unpacking and amped up awareness of the moves that I am flowing through.

You might like to try this yourself.

What is a common move that flows out in your play time? Perhaps a weave? Maybe waist hooping? It might be isolations. Take that move and try putting a fresh twist on it.

– try playing with the way you enter and exit the move. Mix up the moves to try before and after your focus move.

– you could try it in the opposite hand

– maybe flow it in the opposite direction

– try turning with that move

– try stepping or jumping through the hoop as the move ends (if accessible)

– try out some fancy footwork that feels connected to the move

– try adding a new body part into the mix

As a creative being of the hoop I am sure you can come up with some other ways to explore and expand your dance.

This practice is designed to bring greater expansion and sensation to your natural movements, to wake up the mind, body and soul to play with new path ways.

Let’s take a look at the new pathways that have been created from the Swing Start.

This week is the Behind the Back Palm Spin

We also explored the Behind the Back Elbow Pass

And the Behind the Back Jump Through

How do you expand on your moves when you are looking for newness in your hoop dance flow?

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