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Holiday HIIT with a Hula Hoop

Holiday Hula Hoop WOrkouts

Yes you can make your HIIT workouts extra fun this holiday season by grabbing yourself a hula hoop, making a super cheery playlist and set that timer for a 7 minute burst of fun!

Or you can just follow along with my hoop interval training workouts. Easy, fat burning fun!


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Want to try something a little more challenging? Let’s work the hoop on all levels of the body.

And then for some off body HIIT, let’s rock those isolations

7 day hula hoop challenge
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If you are feeling ready to dance off the holiday cheer then try some of these pop workouts choreographed to some of this year’s most popular songs

Loving these workout and want more? See the whole playlist on YouTube

Holiday Hula Hoop WOrkouts
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