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Flow Sessions: Dancing Through Your Tricks

In hoop dance we can all get a little (or a lot) trick-centric. So focussed on getting new trick, after new trick and forgetting to dance and flow. The brain and body becomes fixated on mastery and technical execution and looses it’s ability to allow, to flow, to blend and DANCE. So I want to introduce a new style of tutorial – FLOW SESSIONS. 

These Flow Sessions are designed so that we can hoop dance together through a series of moves. In each tutorial I will show you the flow in real time, then break down the tricks and transitions for you and next I want you to follow along with me and try it.

The goal is to amplify the feeling of dance and flow in your body not to focus on perfection or taking stock of your tricks. The Flow Sessions are about brining hoop dance into every part of your body and the way to do that it through connecting the hoop, body and mind with sequences of dance and tricks.

Dance is the hidden language of the soul – Martha Graham

This first Flow Session is created for those starting out with their hoop dance flow, it is a combination of beginner tricks off the body in the vertical and horizontal plane as well as on body dance. If this is a challenge for you give yourself lots of time and patience, have fun flowing through and feel free to chop it up into achievable chunks until it becomes smooth for you. If this is a sequence you find easy to flow through, make it your own – add new moves, style and timing to creative a sequence that suits you.

I have created many Flow Sessions for you and will share them amongst the trick tutorials over the next couple of weeks so you can use them as guides in your flow practice.

I would like to know what you think of this style of tutorial. Does this help you to flow in and out of your hoop with confidence? Does it give you some creative ideas for sequences? Would you like to see more Flow Sessions?


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