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Fake it until you become it : Finding confidence inside your hoop

Amy Cuddy says “Fake it until you become it” Let’s dance until we become it! Confidence, strength and skill comes only from practice, action and doing. The body changes the mind and the mind changes the body. A powerful TED Talk

One of my earliest memories of watching back a video I took of myself hooping, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I noticed how I was hunched over, shoulders forward, looking down as I danced in my hoop. What I looked like did not mirror how I was feeling when I hooped.

Inside I felt elated, excited, enthusiastic; on the outside I appeared shy, weak and nervous. I made a decision in that moment to consciously match my outsides to my insides and this forever shaped the way I hooped.

You might also notice that I am very conscious about my body language in all of my hoop tutorials, I often start with the hoop behind me so my chest and shoulders are open, on one shoulder so I am aware of my posture or with the hoop resting in front with shoulders rolled back and down. This is intentional posture, it helps to open my breathing and relax my nervous system.

Be witness to all of your actions, they make a difference. Use your awareness to improve your feelings and movements not to judge and belittle your progress.

The next time you step inside your hoop think about your power poses and watch how they shift your mood and hormones if you move into them consciously.

Hoop it until you become it! What are your dancing to become?


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