The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Fashion

hula hoop fashion

Not talking about floaty pants, feather earrings, faux fur leggies or rocking leggings; by ultimate guide to hoop fashion I mean all things with a hoop or hooping actually printed on them. Yes it is a thing. Hula Hooping Saves Lives. Yes it does and Brisbane artist Dom O’Leary has created this delicious hula girl … Keep reading

The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide

Dance Floor Queen Style Guide

She’s a maniac on the d-floor. So balanced and light on her feet that hooping in heels is a challenge she is always up for. Her purple and galaxy fetish is balanced with golden bling, she makes a style statement where ever she roams. Her current mantra is “Be Dazzling” and she wears it well. With a dash of Lime Crime … Keep reading