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8 Essentials for Busy Hoop Teachers

Reaching for a balanced life is like the never ending quest. Time management and productivity are overused buzzwords that often feel like a pipe dream when juggling full plates of delights. So let’s get our life hacks on.

As a hoop teacher activating creativity, finding time to play, building your community, wrangling with the joys of being an entrepreneur and simply getting shit done can be a stretch but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The key is to become a paperless smartypants. This means using smart phone apps like power pellets.

Note: Coffee may also help!

Here are 8 super apps that are going to free up your time for what you love the most – HOOPING!

1. Evernote

Evernote Icon

If I didn’t know better I would say the Evernote App was designed for Hoop Love Coaches. Truthfully it was made perfectly for the creative mind. In fact it is like having a second brain; an organised and neat one that remembers everything.

If you are a Hoop Love Coach or you are preparing to do the training you will know that I am a huge fan of checklists for super success. Think of Evernote as the most incredible music festival on the planet and checklists are just one of the many dance floors. This app allows you to create notes, take snapshots, record your voice, create check lists and set up reminders for yourself. You can also synch up with your calendars, it is the ultimate organiser. What I love most about this beauty, it means I never forget any of the 10 gazillion ideas that roll through my head daily. Evernote allows you to capture your creativity and organise it.

Price: The Evernote app is FREE. p.s. I don’t work for Evernote (but maybe I should) I just freakin’ love them, they get better and better.

2. Shazam

Shazam App IconEver find yourself in a shop/club/restaurant, hear a song and think “ooooh I would love to hoop to that and so would my students!” then you get back to your computer and have forgotten the song? Sure you have. You need Shazam. Not only does it have a cool name but Shazam listens to the song, recognises it, gives you the name of the song and artist then records all of your song tags so you can check them later. When it comes to playlist making you can go back to your tags and taaaddaaa class playlist DONE! I don’t know how many times a day I scream “Where’s my phone? I have to Shazam this!”

Price: FREE

3. 30:30

30:30 App IconIf you are anything like me, an intention to do a quick bit of promotion on social media can turn into a 4 hour internet party. The internet with all of it’s wonder is a time suck and the only way to tame the beast is to manage it. 30:30 is the raddest app for peeps with no will power and in need of a serious time keeper; the first step is to admit you have an addiction the second step is get 30:30.

With a funky interface and an easy to use method you can map out your hoop related work time or your whole day if you like. 10 mins on Fb, 30 mins hoop play, 20 mins playlist making, 30 mins inbox tackling, 10 mins smoothie time…whatever works for you. If you seriously want to get real with this and need extra protection against yourself you can install some social media/email blockers that literally block the sites when your time quota is reached. This is what life has come to!

Price: FREE

4. Spotify

Spotify App Icon

I believe Spotify saved my life, well maybe that is a slight exaggeration but it certainly saved me a whole lot of time. If you are not on Spotify already let me give you a little run…search for any song/remix/compilation/track you tagged with Shazam, find other playlists (yes there are even hooping playlists on Spotify), drag and drop the songs into playlists, listen to rad music 24/7.

The most awesome thing about the app is you can take all of your already created playlists to class with you and play directly from your phone (if you are connected tot he internet)

Price: The app is free but I pay for a monthly subscription to Spotify to get ad free music.

5. Habit Clock

Habit Clock IconAs this app says “All successful people have morning routines. Time to build yours with HabitClock!” I love everything about this app even it’s marketing copy. The simplicity and power of this app is key. Choose the morning habits you want to create, assign a time to each of them, then track your progress. Habit Clock is particularly amazing for those of us that are super, duper busy (everyone) because it encourages helpful routines in power bursts affirming you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. E.g. Choose 5 essential morning habits for you and do each of them for 3 mins, you have taken up only 15 mins of your 24 hours but set your day up for success.

Price: It now says it is FREE but I am pretty sure I paid a few bucks for it – worth it!

6. MailChimp (or your newsletter provider’s app)

MailChimp IconYour readers are your community and staying in tune with what they are enjoying and tuning into is vital. The dashboard of the Mailchimp app allows you to view reports about the love you are sending out and check in on your sign up numbers.


7. Google Drive app

Google Drive AppGoogle Drive changed my life. I would seriously wear a tshirt with that on the front!

Any documents, spreadsheets and video files that we work on are stored online on Google Docs, it allows complete collaboration and sharing. The Google Drive app allows you to access all of your documents on the go. It is superbly easy to navigate and use. The number of times this app has saved my sanity is countless. I share private video files with teachers who share my Kids Hoop Dance incursions around Australia, Masao and I add to budget and finance spreadsheets, I create agreements with teachers and clients and save them in the docs, I keep track of student numbers and contacts, all ideas that I keep in Evernote eventually get expanded and developed in Google docs…need I go on? Get on it.


Instagram Icon

If you are not already an Instahooper I highly recommend getting amongst the hoopspiration on Instagram #hoopersofinstagram #hooplovers #hooplove It is huge and growing by the minute. These hooping beauties are your tribe. Sharing visual love and hoopspiration is part of the creative wonderland. Yes, another social media time challenge  – ugh! But also yay in a big way. Plug it into your 30:30 and keep it under control, it doesn’t have to take a huge chunk of your time. Create your own Instagram 30 day hoop challenge or participate in one. Invite me!

For extra organised bonus points have all your power apps organised on the front screen of your phone or tablet for quick and easy access.

What apps help you to get things done and open up time for hooping and happiness?

Let me know down below in the comments.


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