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6 Reasons Not to Skip Your Warm Up Before Hooping

Hula Hooping Warm Up by Deanne Love

You are excited to get into the spin. You don’t have time to warm up. You feel ready enough to start dancing without a warm up. I get it! But check out these reasons why you really don’t want to skip your warm up before you start your practice or playtime!

1. A gentle and gradual warm up will help you to get into the zone mentally and physically. Have you ever rushed to get into your hoop practice or workout only to find you fall flat super quickly and can’t find your groove? A few minutes of warm up time will prime your mind and body for a more open and creative hoop time.

2. A warm up will give you more hoop stamina, you can spin for longer. A warm up gradually increases the oxygen being sent to your muscles so they can prepare for longer lasting movement.

3. A spike in your blood pressure and hormonal levels can effect energy. So if you want to feel more energised throughout your hoop time a warm up will prepare your system for that.

4. Give your muscles and joints some time to prepare for a full range of movement, a warm up may allow you to find new range and expansion.

5. The last thing we want as hoopers are injuries to our ligaments, tendons and muscles. A warm up can help the body prepare for the extra workload and help avoid pain and injury.

6. A warm up gets the blood circulating throughout the body helping to flush and energise the muscles. This may also have the effect of helping to eliminate unwanted toxins that may cause muscle soreness.

Try some of these warm ups before your next hoop practice or create your preferred warm up. Sometimes a gentle on body hoop drill can get you ready to rock.