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30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge : Full Body Workout

30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge Full Body Workout Fitness Fun

Your 30 day guide to the most fun way to workout, dance and play.

If you are new to this hoop thing then welcome. Note that hooping is more than just spinning a circle on your waist, but let’s take it step by step!

If you have been hooping for a while this challenge will be a great way to stay strong and improve your hoop dance fitness and skills.

Why don’t we try a 30 day jump start? Mostly waist hooping to get you stronger and feeling fabulous!

Here is the plan. I have mapped out 30 days for you, use this as your guide but feel free to mix it up. The most important thing, if you really want to feel results, is to show up, play, have fun and work up a glittering sweat.

Play every day.

You got this!

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Below your 30 day guide, you are going to find a huge range of tutorials and workouts you can use as inspiration.

Let’s start off at 5 minutes per day and then challenge ourselves to reach a fit and fabulous 25 minutes per day of hula hooping!

Grab a timer, your hoop, turn up your favorite tunes and get ready to transform the way you workout and feel.

This 30 Day Challenge includes:

+ waist hooping

(if you don’t know how to waist hoop yet no problem. Join the free 7 Day Waist Hooping challenge with daily lessons to get you started)

+ waist + arms

(waist hooping while moving your arms…we also learn how to do this in the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge)

+ waist + legs

(waist hooping while stepping, turning, traveling, moving, walking)

+ waist + hips

(hooping on your waist and your hips)

+ waist + dance

(your own freestyle HAVE FUN!)

If you don’t have a hoop yet then read Making vs Buying Your Hoop


Grab your journal or calendar and start your 30 days to joy and strength NOW



Waist hooping is the foundation of hula hooping. It can take a little getting used to so make sure you have an adult size hoop and you give yourself a couple of days of practice. Here is how to make a hoop and pick the right size for you.

Try this one out for a bit of extra 5-minute fun on your waist

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