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2017 : The Year of Giving

Hooplovers 2017 Year of Giving

Some major life events have given me the gift of reflecting on the important things in life. I have been contemplating what the future holds. The fact is that I don’t know; none of us truly do so let’s make the best of every moment. I do know that I am happiest when I am teaching and sharing. So that is exactly what I am going to focus on this year.

3 things to begin with…

1. The first thing I want to giveaway this month is a workshop I created called 360 Activation : The Power of Turning with Your Hoop. It is online and you can access it here.

This is not a competition, you don’t have to enter to win, you can just have it. Now. Here.  It’s a gift from me!

In February it will be for sale for the regular $37 price but for January I want you to enjoy it, soak up the moves and let them activate your dance.

Enjoy and let me know if you like any of the moves. If you try them out and share them on your Instagram please tag me @deannelovexo and use the hashtag #hooplovers so we can stay connected.


360 Activation : The Power of Turning with Your Hoop

360 Activation Online Hula Hoop Workshop by Hooplovers Deanne Love
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2. Are you a Hooplover? I am sure you are. Another giveaway is happening here on the blog. I am giving away all of my 21 Day challenges, to one lucky winner. All of the details of that fun giveaway are in this blog post here.


Make sure you take the time to read some of the incredible comments hooper have been leaving already. I look forward to reading yours!

Are you a hooplover HOOPLOVERS
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3. Since 2013 we have been sharing (almost) weekly tutorials on the Hooplovers YouTube channel.  Are you subscribed to that? It is free. All you have to do is click that red Subscribe button.

I always appreciate all of your feedback and ideas for the channel, thank you so much. I hope you find the tutorials helpful.

Sharing is caring. So if you have a blog or other platform you love to share your hooping adventures on it would be amazing if you share any of my tutorials that you have found helpful for you. The more we share, the more Hooplovers there are making this world a funkier place!

I have a dream for that channel. 100 000 Hooplovers subscribed. It is just a number, I know, but how cool would it be if there were 100 000 of us?!


I hope that the beginning of 2017 is treating you well and that you are giving yourself much needed reflection time to move into this year with focus, fun and flow.


Hooplovers 2017 Year of Giving
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