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11 Tips to Help You Access Your Hoop Dance Flow

how to find hoop dance flow

How do I find my hoop dance flow?

A question that is often followed by … how long did it take you to find your hoop dance flow? What tricks really helped you to find your flow?

These are common feelings and valid questions but they really shine a light on some of the biggest misconceptions about hooping and flow states.

The misconceptions are that hoop dance flow comes to you after you have learned a certain number of tricks or you have been practicing for a certain number of days/weeks/months/years.

Or that hoop dance flow is something you have to search for.

Sure you might start to feel more confident, strong and coordinated with practice but in fact, hoop dance flow is something you can access right from the very moment you pick up a hoop and spin in on your waist or hand.

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To answer these questions about hoop dance flow and dispel some of the misconceptions it is important to understand what flow actually is and how to access it.


Dr Csíkszentmihályi, a Hungarian psychologist who created the concept of flow, describes the state as

“being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

Ultimately when a hooper asks, “how do I find my hoop dance flow?” they are asking how to access the feeling of focus, be immersed in continuous action, feel enjoyment, make the most of the skills they have and overcome the challenges.


Below are 11 practical ways with video examples to help you actively access your hoop dance flow.

Action is key. You cannot think your way into flow.



1.Trick Restriction


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We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time. This song. Ella Eyre’s voice. . . I have been hoop dancing for 4105 days, that’s 98 520 hours with circles on my mind. Today’s play time brought with it the same exuberant joy that I experienced the first time I ever picked up a hoop . . #trickrestriction Did you notice? 😉 I only did one trick the whole time . . I recently confessed to a circle of women that I am addicted to ecstasy…not the drug, the peak state. How fortunate for me that it can be accessed through embodied rhythm, the beating of my heart in time with life itself and just the right song, at the right moment, with the right amount of stardust surging through my soul . . We are so lucky . . Keep moving. Just keep moving . . #ecstaticdance #hooplovers #hooping #ecstasy #stardust #soulmate #hooplove #embodiment #embodied

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If I asked you to write a list of all the things you love how long would it take you to write your own name? ❤️ . . Here’s a list of things I am loving today: ❤️Myself ❤️ 3 hour power meeting with one of the most brilliant humans I know ❤️ Ticking a massive thing off my bucket list ❤️ Getting flowers from a stranger ❤️ Cauliflower soup and red wine ❤️ Making secret playlists ❤️ Books arriving on my doorstep ❤️ Huge announcements ❤️ Tickets for dancefloor adventures ❤️ Booking gatherings in paradise with friends ❤️ Sexy voices ❤️ Smooth skin ❤️ Masa’s face ❤️ Party planning ❤️ Surprises ❤️ Manifesting epic shit ❤️ Messages from hoopers around the world ❤️ . . What are you loving today? . . Yes I’m only doing one “trick” this whole video #trickrestriction is a practice I use to bring more depth into my movement practice. Try it and let me know how it feeeels for you ⚡️

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2. Single focus.

Warm up your body and soul by giving yourself the luxury of a single focussed hoop time. Waist hoop. If you cannot yet waist hoop keep trying for the length of one whole song.


3. Shapes.

Create shapes with your hoop, set this as your only intention for one whole song. No need to worry about nailing tricks or remembering sequences simply fall into the flow of painting pictures and creating shapes with your hoop.


4. Your body.

Take your focus into your body, specifically the muscles that make your movement. Focus on particular muscle groups and how they are moving or take your attention to the muscles that are moving your hoop.

5. Same moves, different music.

Create a short (or long) hoop dance sequence that you are familiar with and practice it to different types of music. Make yourself a varied playlist.

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My Full Moon in Aries version of this month’s Hoop Dance Flow Session (don’t worry I changed the end so I’m not giving it away if you are following along with my weekly flow classes 😋) We learned a new part of the flow each week this month and will celebrate in Week 4 by grooving all the pieces together. Can’t wait to see your version ❤️ . . I have always loved the layers of hoop dance. Throw a few tricks together, add some footwork, a few facial expressions and you got your yourself a rocking party-for-one. Then change the music and the same flow session can morph into a completely different expression of truth. . . I have the biggest crush on hooping!!! Could you tell??? 😝 . . Never hold back your passion for something. It is your gift to the world. The world needs more of your yumminess. . . Happy Full Moon hoopers. I got a crush on you too 😘 . . #Hooplovers #hooping #hulahoop #discotits #fullmoon #hoopdance #flow #danceparty #freedom

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6. Drop it like it’s hot.

Celebrate your mistakes. Don’t let drops and mishaps with the hoop shatter your flow and focus, continue to move and creatively dance while rescuing your hoop, make it part of the flow.


7. All about the tunes.

Create playlists that motivate your moves, fill them with songs that inspire you to dance. Follow me here on Spotify, I am forever making new playlists for all kinds of moods. 

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Courage; it’s like a banging remix, when you turn it up magic shiz happens ⚡️ (Link to song and playlist in my Insta Stories 😘) . . Having a little on-body boogie in Day 18 of the #hooploveyourbody 30 Day Reboot. . . As part of this Reboot I have been committed to bringing even greater levels of joy and courage into my movement and my work. The rewards are blowing my mind. A simple but strong intention in everything I do. . . I’ve been going to a workout class almost daily, it has been a beautiful challenge (mostly because I suck at getting up early 😉) I like it and will continue but I know, for me, there is nothing else as physically and mentally stimulating as a kick ass on-body hoop session to a funky playlist. Always and forever, my first love. . . Do you move in other ways outside of the hoop? Other workouts? Movement practices? Dance styles? Classes? . . #hooplovers #hooplove #workout #courage #remix #hooper #flowarts #flowstates

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8. The floor is lava.

Pick up your feet as if on hot sand, feel a sense of weightlessness. Create patterns or freestyle with your footwork.


9. Find your inner fierceness.

Take charge of the moment and hold strong to your intentions.


10. Dare to take up space.

Whether you have a small practice space or a wide open area utilize the space, move into it, be bold and deliberate with your expression.


11. Stop searching for it.

Flow is not a destination, it is a way of feeling that requires action and letting go of resistance.

Some more tips to help you float into flow with every practice

  1. Set aside a designated, distraction free time and space.
  2. Enter the practice prepared by being hydrated, ready to play and with a positive frame of mind.
  3. Set an intention for the play time or goals for the practice.
  4. Gently witness your emotions, allow them, shift them if needed but stay focussed on the intention or practice.
  5. Keep going, take action, MOVE into flow.


How do you embrace your hoop dance flow?

Share your breakthroughs and brilliance with me on Instagram @deannelovexo #hooplovers


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how to find hoop dance flow
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