10 Simple Ways to Bring Happiness to Your Day

10 Things to Bring Happiness

Small changes can make huge shifts in how we think and feel. I am a big believer in taking action.

So become an activist of your own life with these simple and proven ways to bring more joy and light to your day.

1. Start your day simply. With a large glass of fresh water (perhaps a twist of lemon to get fancy) and a 5 – 60 minute hula hoop session. Every cell in your body will thank you for starting your day off with a spin.

2. Take time for silence, make space to listen to others but fill the rest of your day with uplifting, spirited or relaxing music. Watch your productivity soar, your blood pressure calm and your focus power on.

3. Smile. Send messages of happiness to your brain and do a bit of face yoga while you are at it.

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