Try These 3 Tricks to Activate Your Coordination & Flow

You know that saying “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”? Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? There is nothing great in life that doesn’t take practice, play and persistence. Most of the time on the internet we see the polished final product (except those … Keep reading

Tunes to Hoop To : May Hoop Love Playlist

Hooplovers May Hula Hoop Playlists

Is there a more soul shaking combo than the perfect beat, your favourite hoop and the sun shining down on you? I don’t think so. That is why I spend countless hours hanging out with this magical trio. Tunes, hoops and sunny days = good vibes. While my hoops are always with me and the … Keep reading

Download the Hooplovers App : Learn to Hoop Anywhere Anytime

Download Hooplovers Hula Hoop App for iOS and Android

Now you can have access to hundreds of hoop dance tutorials and workouts on your phone. Whether you are using iOS or Android you can now download the Hooplovers app and check out all the hoop tutorial playlists anywhere, anytime. Click here for App Store for iOS (Apple,Mac, iPhone) And here for Google Play (Android devices) The coolest … Keep reading

A Sequence to Activate Your Hoop Flow

Hoop Dance Flow Activate your flow by Deanne Love Hooplovers

Not a week goes by when I am not tagged on several Social Media posts about hoop dance flow. It is usually a gorgeous soul reaching out for support, insight and sometimes in desperation. The threads or posts usually start something like “please help, I can’t find my hoop dance flow” or “I know lots … Keep reading