You don’t know how to hula hoop? No problem!

Deanne Love Tutorial ISO Down

Most adults have a similar reaction when they see a hula hoop. They look at the hoop, they look at me and then they usually say, “oh I used to be able to do that when I was young, but I can’t do it anymore!” My response, “Yes you can, give it a try.” With … Keep reading

You can’t afford Hoop Love Coach training right now?

Hoop Love Coach Training Hula Hoop Certificate by Hooplovers and Deanne Love

You can’t afford $399 AUD to do the 12 week Hoop Love Coach training right now. I totally get it. I do. Years ago when I moved back to Australia I was completely broke! I knew I had to do something to turn our lives around, to create a life that would fulfil us and support … Keep reading

April Hoop Love – Hooping Playlist

Hooplovers Recommend Hula Hoop Playlists Songs

It is not uncommon to find me trying to get close to speakers in cafes, shops, clubs and restaurants trying to Shazam songs. Every song has potential to be a “hoop song” and if I hear a catchy beat or a sweet lyric I simply have to know what the song title is; always keeping … Keep reading

Basic Escalator Tutorial : Beginner Hoop Dance

Basic Escalator Hula Hoop Tutorial by Deanne Love

The Escalator was one of the first hooping “tricks” I learned. Back then it was referred to as the Circus Start. This move and it’s unlimited variations have become a huge trend in contemporary hoop dance so I have included a few extra tutorials below to help you out with some creative ideas. I have … Keep reading