Off Body Hoop Dance Workout – I Got U Duke Dumont

I Got U by Duke Dumont is such a fun Summer festival kind of song that I couldn’t resist creating this funky, off body hoop dance workout. But just because it is playful and fun doesn’t mean this is not going to give you a rocking workout. The moves are all off body so you … Keep reading

Sorry – Justin Bieber – Upper Body and Core Hoop Workout

Whether you like or loathe the Biebs you have to admit that some of the tracks on his new album are pretty freakin’ catchy. Ideal for doing Hoop Love Body workouts because of the sweet melodies and repetitive beats. So this week I chose Sorry by Justin Bieber to give you a seriously rocking upper … Keep reading

Beautiful Liar – Hoop Workout Core Fitness

Want to get stronger this year? Of course you do! Try out the first workout of 2016 up on the Hooplovers YouTube. A fun and sassy combo of on body hooping, foot work and arm/hand creativity. See if you can get all three going at once. Grab your hoop, follow along with me, the moves … Keep reading

8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Hula Hooping in 2016

8 reasons to start hula hooping this year. Most fun fitness with a hula hoop

UPDATED : This blog has been updated because there are so many more reasons to start hooping : 10 Reasons Why you Need to Start Hooping NOW Hooping is growing in popularity around the world as a creative hobby, fun way to keep fit and for many a whole new lifestyle and career shift. Check out … Keep reading