15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Thank You For

Hoop goals! Yeah. Watch this hoopspiration vid we made you when we were hanging at the beach. Then keep reading for the most packed list of hoop love ever! Note that the title did NOT say 15 easy hoop moves. These are gonna make you work it but I chose these 15 moves because working … Keep reading

Some Hoop Moves Need a New Name

There is a commonly used hooping move that is known as the smear. After some research it seems that most hoopers don’t know where that name originated and the general consensus is that a less awkward name would be more enjoyable. Other common names for this move are Orbit, Tornado and Sparkly. What do you … Keep reading

Give Yourself Permission to Hoop Dance

So many images of love and fear in the media right now but tonight I tuned out and watched a music video clip. The character in the clip had an old tape player inside of him that was blasting a funky dance track. Others started to hear the soundtrack coming from his belly and were … Keep reading

Never Fall into a Hoop Rut Again

Yes, even hoopers lose their mojo. Ever had those times when you feel like you are doing the same moves over and over or you feel your hooping is lacking creativity and energy? Never fear it is totally normal. Here is a fun solution for you anytime you feel like you might be in a … Keep reading