Your Creativity is Limitless : Hoop Dance Transitions

What if you knew that your hoop dance creativity was limitless? What if you truly believed it? The secret to all of this of course is in the DOING. Belief comes through actions. When you play and DO, moves roll into place, the body strengthens and ease comes. With ease comes confidence and the spark … Keep reading

Vortex Lift Off : Hoop Dance Transition

Hoopdance Vortex Lift Off Move

Hoop dance is a sweet balance of tricks, transitions and techniques. It is the transitions that amplify the flow states as we move the hoop from on to off and back on again or shift through planes and favourite moves. This week I share with you a fluid transition that takes the hoop from waist … Keep reading

How to Make Every Hoop Class Kick Ass : Sharing the Hoop Love

Teaching is a learning experience. Teaching hoop dance is a joy elevator and life changer but would you believe that it can also be stressful, confusing and sometimes a hot mess. I have had the fortune of attending some of the most delicious hoop workshops/classes on the planet, connected with the world’s most dedicated hoop … Keep reading

Wedgies: Breakthroughs, Transitions & Variations

Wedge Catch Hooplovers Hoopdance Tutorial

Many hoopers I get to hang and spin with have a love/hate relationship with the recently popularised hoop move called the Wedgie. Others have taken this move and started crafting some supremely kick ass variations.   If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out this tutorial with Emma Kenna. It was one … Keep reading

Elbow Folding Sequence Hoopdance with Ngaire

Elbow Folding Sequence Hoopdance with Ngaire

Part of the reason why I love hooping so much is because I have made friends with some of the most darling women on the planet. Ngaire happens to be one of them. A dancer from New Zealand, turned hoop dance performer and instructor, Ngaire is currently on tour in North America. Before she left … Keep reading