Two Reverse Escalator Variations for Beginner Hoopers

Two Escalator Variations

I will always remember where I was (in the middle of a park in Tokyo) when I was trying to learn the reverse escalator. It sticks in my memory because I truly felt like I would never understand it, the moves felt so new and foreign to my body. I was starting out on my … Keep reading

Beginners On and Off Body Hoop Dance

Beginners On Off Hoop Dance

This hoop dance choreo holds a special place in my heart because it was created by the hoopers who came to my Thursday night hoop dance classes in Melbourne. We went around the room and each of us contributed a quick move, then we blended all of the moves together, popped in some transitions, added … Keep reading

A Two Part Balanced Flow Session

HOOPLOVERS Hoop Balance Flow Session

Sequencing moves together in hoop dance can take time to integrate into the system and sink into the memory of the body, so I have broken down this flow session into two parts. This hoop dance sequence was one that I taught over a few weeks in my hoop dance class in Melbourne, so take … Keep reading