Make a List, Manifest Miracles : 40 Days of Flow

Hooplovers 40 Days of Flow Challenge

There are 3 words that come to mind when I daydream about the 40 Days of Flow Connection  Presence  Miracles The annual 40 Days of Flow is a reset. Designed to sweep out life clutter, lingering habits, feelings or blockages. The focus is on making a list of daily practices that you want to reignite … Keep reading

How to Let Go and Move Forward

How to Let Go and Move Forward. Hooplovers 40days of Flow

As miserable as it sounds, sometimes our problems give us comfort, our dramas fill in gaps and our negative self-talk becomes like a familiar old mate. Worry and stress can become the norm. While none of this serves any positive purpose in our lives it can feel hard to let go of a sensation or … Keep reading

Too Busy to Play? 3 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Playtime

3 ways to get playtime

Has time sped up? Surely that is the reason. It seems like everyone these days is “busy”. And if we are not busy there is something lacking; potentially sliding down the scale on the cool-o-meter. As I rushed through an office equipment superstore today looking for extra storage, more paper and of course cute notepads … Keep reading

May Hoop Love Playlist

May Hoop Love Playlist. Hoopdance Songs

So many new tunes rocking my hoops this month. I have started to create the May Hoop Love Playlist here and will continue to add to it throughout the month.   Here are some of my favs, please share yours in the comments below. I have a crush on new music!   Share the love … Keep reading

Two Handed Mandala Tutorial

two handed mandala

Mandala hoop moves are some of my favourites. Moving through the back plane is always so heart opening and just a really great release. The two handed mandala was a move that had fallen victim to my increasing hoop amnesia; it had dropped out of my flow sessions. I am so happy to have been … Keep reading