5 Hoop Moves for Total Beginners

Total beginner hula hoop lessons. How to hula hoop for total beginners

  Even if you have just begun your hoop journey there are a few foundation moves that are going to get your feeling confident in your hoop fairly quickly. There are so many hoop moves but here are 5 quick hoop tricks to help you get started. 1. WAIST HOOPING The move that everyone considers … Keep reading

Dance with Your Hoop Right From the Beginning

How to Dance with your hoop

When you first pick up your hoop there are a few things that you will probably want to try out; waist hooping, giving it a spin on your hand or arm and maybe a cool trick or two that you have seen before. My biggest suggestion though is to try dancing with your hoop right … Keep reading

Hayley Hoopla Teaches Us to Sneeze

Hayley Hoopla the Sneeze

Hooping has connected me with some incredibly colourful creatives. Hayley Hoopla is definitely one of the most talented performers, costume creators and kids entertainers I have had the absolute pleasure of being connected with. Among many other super duper fun things that Hayley does she teaches a Hooplovers hoop class once a week in Melbourne. … Keep reading