Twin Hooping : Fun or Frustrating?

Twin Hoops Extension Twisters

Sure they look magical and oh so tricky but when you pick up your own twin hoops you wonder why you are not feeling the flow like that incredible hooper you watched for 15 seconds on instagram. I get it! I still remember my early learning process with a set of heavy twins. I would … Keep reading

Daily Hoop Love – Monthly Hoop Workout & Play Calendar

Hoop Workout Calendar

We wanted to let you in on something uber exciting that we have been working on! As you know we share a fresh, new  tutorial every week on the Hooplovers YouTube channel but have always dreamed of doing daily videos. The ultimate goal is to have some daily hoop fun to soak up all of … Keep reading

6 Reasons Not to Skip Your Warm Up Before Hooping

Hula Hooping Warm Up by Deanne Love

You are excited to get into the spin. You don’t have time to warm up. You feel ready enough to start dancing without a warm up. I get it! But check out these reasons why you really don’t want to skip your warm up before you start your practice or playtime! 1. A gentle and … Keep reading