Want to Start a Hoop Jam in Your Area?

How to Start a Hula Hoop Jam in your area.

So you want to grow the hoop love tribe, connect with more hoopers and improve your hoop skills? A hoop jam it is then. Hoop Jams are a really great compliment to hoop classes/learning and often have a very different vibe. Depending on how the group decides to roll a hoop jam is often about … Keep reading

Two Hoops – Twice the Fun

Twin Iso Orbit

Recently I have been reconnected with the empowering feeling of learning new movement with twin hoops. I have always had a passion for twins as I find them so challenging and the coordination does not come naturally. If there is one thing I love more than playing with twin hoops myself it is teaching double … Keep reading

The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Fashion

hula hoop fashion

Not talking about floaty pants, feather earrings, faux fur leggies or rocking leggings; by ultimate guide to hoop fashion I mean all things with a hoop or hooping actually printed on them. Yes it is a thing. Hula Hooping Saves Lives. Yes it does and Brisbane artist Dom O’Leary has created this delicious hula girl … Keep reading

The Cumulative Effect of Hooping

Deanne Love Hooping with an anchor tshirt

I believe that hooping has a magical cumulative effect. Have you felt it? Like every time you hoop you feel a little stronger, a little more joyous, balanced, confident, centred. Every time you get in your circle you feel a little more awesome, a little more cool, special, sacred, glittery, badass and ready to take … Keep reading

Leg Hooping – Kick Out Step Through

Leg Hooping Tutorial Kick Out Step Through

Let’s amp things up a little higher this week, you are ready for it. Give this Kick Out Step Through a go! I know you won’t shy away from a fun challenge like this one. And when you master this you will definitely want to show it off. Share it with some friends or show … Keep reading