Ankle Breaks – What to Do When You Drop Your Hoop

Ankle Breaks Hooping

This week I want to show you some cool stuff you can mess around with if you drop your hoop from knee hooping. It might seem like the hoop is lost when it drops from your knees to the floor but check out these funky moves that can help you keep the hoop in flow … Keep reading

All About the Legs – Fun Moves to do While Leg Hooping

Leg hooping takes a lot of play time and plenty of bruises but it is all so worth it. Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some pretty funky leg moves to give you some variation with your hooping. Especially if you shy away from working on standard knee hooping you … Keep reading

Adding Isolations to Your Hoop Dance Flow

Isolation Flow Session

Two weeks ago we learned a ghosting isolation variation. On it’s own it can take some time to master, but break it down, take it slow and then pick up the pace as you start to feel stronger. Tricks like that one are cool of course but they look much better when you piece them … Keep reading