Ghosting Isolation Tutorial

Ghosting Isolation

Remember when I told you using two hoops was good for your brain?  Well this Ghosting Isolation has got to win extra bonus points. Both hands moving in opposite directions, puts patting your head and rubbing your belly to shame. Super hooper powers ON! Check out this post for some more isolation inspiration for you … Keep reading

How to Make a Hula Hoop Dream Catcher with Fire Opal Feathers

Hula Hoop Dream Catcher

Want to catch some sparkling hoop dreams? You need to make yourself a Hula Hoop Dream Catcher. You will need: – one hula hoop – old t-shirts – beads for fun and colour – hoop tape that you can get from Pretty Sticky, Hoopologie, Fancy Tapes, Hoop Supplies and maybe even Target or other craft … Keep reading

Hoop Dance Flow Session Bali

Flow Session Bali

Nothing like a bit of sun, sand and paradise to unlock hoop dance flow. This tutorial makes me dream of being back at the beach. Grab your hoop let’s daydream our way through this Flow Session. A combination of fluid off body hoop dance moves. Let’s break in down nice and slow then flow it … Keep reading

How to Meditate – 5 Techniques for Life

Hula Hoop Meditation on the beach in Bali

My first memory of meditation comes from childhood. After a wild day of schoolyard happenings I would lay face up on the trampoline in our back yard and visualise spirals and colours in the sky, relaxing my whole body and calming my mind. I had no label for the practice it just intuitively allowed me … Keep reading

Leg Stretches for Hoopers, Dancers and Groovers

Hula Hoop Stretch for legs

Is there anything better than a deep, relaxing stretch? OK perhaps a long soak in a divine hot tub. But back to stretching, ahhh the joys. Yet how often do we wrap up a hoop session and forget the stretches? This week I share with you 5 of my favourite leg releases that you can … Keep reading