100 Ways to Market Yourself as a Movement Teacher

I love marketing. My earliest memory of it’s joys was crafting up elaborate signs for a road side stall my sister and I set up on our Grandparent’s footpath. The product? Sad looking fruits, likely inedible, that we had picked from trees.   Yeah the product sucked but the advertising was state of the art. … Keep reading

40 Days of Flow

Hooplovers 40days of flow - Reinstall Habits

Welcome to the 40 Days of Flow. We started this challenge back in 2013 and since then hundreds of #hooplovers have joined in and made changes in their lives sharing their joy and breakthroughs with each other. Since then we have created powerful flow practices such as 21 Day Flow Challenge, 21 Days to Smooth … Keep reading

8 Essentials for Busy Hoop Teachers

8 Smartphone Apps for Busy Hula Hoop Teachers and Instructors

Reaching for a balanced life is like the never ending quest. Time management and productivity are overused buzzwords that often feel like a pipe dream when juggling full plates of delights. So let’s get our life hacks on.

As a hoop teacher activating creativity, finding time to play, building your community, wrangling with the joys of being an entrepreneur and simply getting shit done can be a stretch but it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The key is to become a paperless smartypants. This means using smart phone apps like power pellets.

Note: Coffee may also help!

Here are 8 super apps that are going to free up your time for what you love the most – HOOPING!

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Why Using Two Hula Hoops at Once is Good for Your Brain

Hooping is good for your brain

It was once believed that the brain was a static mass that hung out in our skulls; if you were lucky enough to be born “brainy” then challenges would be few. Thanks to the brainiacs of the world cracking open that theory we now know that our brain has plasticity, like the childhood favourite play … Keep reading

How to Bring New Life to Your Hoop Dance

Behind the Back Moves Part 3

The past three weekly tutorials have been variations of the swing start behind the back move. This idea to share variations of one move came from a technique that I personally use to expand my hoop dance. By taking one simple and common aspect of my hoop dance flow, something that I do repetitively without … Keep reading