How to hoop when you are not really hooping

Hoop Balance tutorial

These days when I think hoop jam, I think “yay hanging out with my mates chatting” Yes a hoop jam usually involves me doing a whole lot more talking than hooping. In fact I stopped going to hoop jams or even running them because they began to feel really un(hoop)productive for me. I would leave … Keep reading

40 Reasons to Pick Up a Hula Hoop Today

Yes hooping does make the world a better place. 1. Hooping is known to cause fits of giggling and laughter. They say laughter is the best medicine, right?! 2. Hooping strengthens our Hearts and that means stronger bodies and minds (oh and less of a burden on our medical systems, now that is awesome) 3. … Keep reading

Creating Hoop Dance Flow

Hoop Dance Flow

Recently I have seen many posts like the following on various Facebook groups “So I’ve been hooping for a while(almost 4 years), and know a ton of tricks, but I have such a hard time dancing and “flowing”! How do I find my flow???” Reading through the wonderfully helpful comments I also felt the need … Keep reading

Two Handed Iso Flip Tutorial

Two handed Iso Flip

Check out this funky little move that has become a fun punctuation point in my hoop dance flow! It is the two handed iso flip. I share the how-to and then some variations in this video but would love to see yours. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get weekly tutorials. Do … Keep reading

WIN a Hoop Love Coach Scholarship

Hoop Love Coaching

Win an independent place in the Hoop Love Coach Training May, 2014 valued at $500 ONE hooper will be chosen to take part in the 30 day training for free beginning May 1, 2014. Being a Hoop Love Coach takes passion, positivity and unbridled hoop love. We want to see those things from you. To … Keep reading