Chest Hooping Trouble Shooting | Are my boobs are too big?

Hula Hoop Tutorial Are my boobs are too big?

This week’s video is a topless trouble shooting extravaganza! Chest hooping takes a lot of practice and patience but it is such a gorgeous heart opening, flexibility expanding dance. So it is of course worth the energy and time. Here are some actionable steps to make it easier for you. Step 1 Work on coiling … Keep reading

Vortex Variations – 4 Ways to Get Into Your Vortex

Vortex Variations

The Vortex is such a magical move. Fabulous for getting in touch with the flow and movement of your hoop and body, wonderful coordination builder and definitely a strengthening move. However for some hoopers the Vortex often feels more like being tangled in silly string than a floating hoop spiral. If you are one of … Keep reading

4 Hoop Dance Transitions from Vertical Hooping

4 Transitions from Vertical Hooping by Deanne Love

The thing I love about hoop dance is there are always so many options to get from point A to point B. A bit like life really. When one way doesn’t work for you, your option is to drill and practice until it does or get creative and find a different way. This week I … Keep reading

Intermediate Flow Session Hoop Tutorial

Hoopdance Tutorial Intermediate Flow Sequence by HOOPLOVERS Deanne Love

In this week’s tutorial we are going to roll through some smooth hoop moves including isolations and some rad transitions. Even though we tagged it as intermediate with a little practice and allowing yourself some fun flow time you will be rocking this one for sure.