The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide

Dance Floor Queen Style Guide

She’s a maniac on the d-floor. So balanced and light on her feet that hooping in heels is a challenge she is always up for. Her purple and galaxy fetish is balanced with golden bling, she makes a style statement where ever she roams. Her current mantra is “Be Dazzling” and she wears it well. With a dash of Lime Crime … Keep reading

Wellbeing: Easy Peasy Nori Rolls For Ninjas

Yes of course ninjas eat nori rolls. I have seen them. I live with one. Promise. Let me show you the yummiest, fastest and easiest snack for stealth. You will need: Pack of Nori sheets An avocado Moyashi (bean sprouts) Firm tofu (deep fried or not) Cucumber Sweet chilli sauce Spinach Simply… Rinse spinach, cucumber, … Keep reading

Can I Hug You?

Hula Hoop Hug

Do you mind if my hoop joins in too? Group, hoop hug! Bring more hugs into your hoop dance flow I say. I am in love with this move, it is just so snuggly. Try it on for size and share a hoop hug with someone you love today!  

The Blogcademy – Love, Sparkles and Powerful Insights

Gala Darling Deanne Love

When news hit that blogging powerhouses Gala Darling (Gala Darling), Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride) and Shauna Haider (Nubby Twiglet) were bringing their stylish buns to Melbourne I was scrambling to my inbox with excitement.  As the headmistresses of their cleverly crafted Blogcademy workshops they would be dropping in to share their pearls of wisdom with a group of very lucky ladies. I needed a piece of that cake.

Keep readingThe Blogcademy – Love, Sparkles and Powerful Insights