Post Hoop Jam Smoothie Recipe

Hooping like the rock star that you are you need to take good care of your gorgeous body. The best way to do that is keep it moving, give it lots of love and gratitude and fill it with nutrient rich foods. So here is a fabulous cocktail of goodness to make after your next hoop session!

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Mandala and 360 Weave Flow Session

In the vibrant Melbourne arts warehouse where I hoop, work and play there is profound art on every wall, door and flat surface. The back of the toilet door reads, “Nike shoes give you foot odor and bad karma” I always have a little chuckle when I read that one and imagine the cool hippie that scrawled it there.

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Short Hoop Choreo to Royals by Lorde

Royals by Lorde Hula Hoop Dance Choreo by Deanne Love

Loved this track from the moment I heard it. Then I found out more about artist Lorde and adored it even more. So naturally needed to create a short choreo with the hoop for my Beginners & Beyond classes here in Melbourne. Enjoy this and play with it to make it your own. Learn more … Keep reading

100 Ways to Live Rich

100 Ways Live Rich Life


  1. having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy:
  2. existing in plentiful quantities; abundant:
  3. producing a large quantity of something:
  4. (of a colour, sound, smell, etc.) pleasantly deep or strong:
  5. interesting because full of variety
  6. informal (of a remark) causing ironic amusement or indignation

We are on this gorgeous planet to live a rich and full life. Many peeps have differing interpretations of what that means exactly.

Whether you are Warren Buffet, Richard Branson or Oprah Winfrey, a traveling Yogini, backpacking busker or soul searching squatter, there are key guides to living life full and happy with or without no.1 on the Oxford definition of Rich.

Being rich, however you define it, is for the most part how you think, feel and take action.

So here are 100 ways you can live RICH!

In no particular order of course, some of these will make you rich, some will make your richer!

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