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Using the Hoop to Heal – Opening Up into the Light

Has hooping ever healed you? Helped you? Soothed you? Changed you?

Life can change when we least expect it.

Two years ago I was struggling to settle into living in Australia after going through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life; being in Tokyo when the huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in 2011.

I had no idea what I was going to do to support us and to move on with life. The only thing I knew to do was hoop.

I don’t even clearly remember the process, all I know is that this hoop dance piece came out of that dark time. It was my coming back into the light.

Watching it still brings tears to my eyes because I know it was in that moment that I decided I could no longer hold back, life was too precious and I was going to step in and step up. I didn’t really have a choice.

I want to hear your story! How has the hoop healed you?

Leave me a comment here and share your experiences so that we can support each other to grow in and out of the hoop.

Beautifully so, my healing process video has been receiving some love again. I am very grateful. Thank you.

In gratitude I have created a tutorial based on a short piece of flow that happens at the start of this video.

Twin Hoop Tutorial: Twin Fancy Start

Physical? Spiritual? Emotional? How has the hoop healed you?


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  • Dawn

    Hi Deanne, this email could not have came at a better time for me.
    This year I have become obsessed with hooping! This year has also been extremely challenging and confronting for me realizing a few home truths about myself. I honestly think hooping has helped to heal me too! Many changes have happened for me and I am about to move back home to Scotland where I haven’t lived for 6 years. It’s also time for me to step up. When I get home I would like to start teaching hula hoop along with my first love yoga, and hopefully start performing too.
    I can’t thank you enough for being such a great teacher and inspiring me xx


      Dawn you are gorgeous!! What an amazing journey of self discovery and courage. Step up lady this is your path I am so excited for you! Wishing you full power and presence, the world deserves more of your beautiful energy!! d xx

  • Kirsten Veronica

    My healing story has actually been published. I have vertigo and nerve damage and the hoop has helped tremendously.
    I’m also bring tested for underlying causes for chronic fatigue, and sometimes only hooping gives me enough energy to get through my days.


      Yes Kirsten, yes you are an incredible woman! Your story is powerful and courageous! The hoop is a great healer and sharing your story is expanding that healing for others. Amazing, truly. Thank you and keep sharing your light – with your self and others – it means so much! d xx

      • Kirsten Veronica

        Thank you so much Deanne. You have been such an inspiration to me, if I can be even a fraction as encouraging and inspirational to someone else, I would be honored and humbled.

        And as it turns out, I have mono and my doctor wants me to keep hooping to aid my recovery and increase energy levels.

  • Judith

    Deanne, dear inspiring hooper and teacher, This vid also made me tear up…just beautiful. About 4 years ago my youngest daughter, Leanne, was introduced to hooping by friends in Bend, OR. She is 51 now, and has been fighting recurring bouts of Hodgkins disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) since she was 15. Before hooping her body was falling apart from all the toxic treatments she’d received. She could hardly hold her head up, her joints were painful, her breathing was labored, just to name a few problems. After becoming an accomplished hooper and daily hoop sessions with her husband, Sam, all that has changed. She no longer needs a neck brace, no more painful joints, her lung capacity has increased and her attitude is stellar. She taught me to hoop on Skype and at 72, I’ve now been making & selling hoops and teaching others for 3 years. Hooping has totally and forever changed our lives and we’re paying it forward. Thank you for what you do to help us with that. Hoop love to you, Judith (The hoopmainiac)


      Judith! Your story left me covered in goose bumps, miraculous truly. Just incredible I am so happy for both of you giving yourself (and now others) the gift of such healing. This is such a great and beautiful story, I am so honored that you shared it with me. Your journey will heal others. Powerful, beautiful, enlightening. thank you d xx

  • Erin

    So beautiful! I can’t imagine how hard that would have been being in Japan, so devastating for so many. I personally discovered the hoop about 6 months ago and it has taken me on such an amazing journey. I had to leave my job because of a back injury and had lost the feeling in my left leg and couldn’t walk very well. One day I discovered a hula hoop at my moms house and started very slowly just waist hooping. The hoop is helping heal my back and getting a new range of motion that I didn’t think was possible. But the real healing brought on by my hoop has been emotional. It’s awakened a dancer that I thought I had lost because of injury and opened my heart.
    My hoop is my safe place.
    I sat next to you at Katarinas workshop at hoop camp 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful hooping!!


      Erin, how beautiful! What a soul awakening for you. Your story is so powerful and wonderful. Such a treasure to hear about. Hoop on sista. Big hoop love to you! d xx

  • Jenn

    I am very new to hooping… 3.5 months 🙂
    I had no idea the door that I opened for myself. For over a year I’ve been dealing with a neck/back injury that made me stop doing what I love. Kickboxing and snowboarding. It was the most painful thing to go through physically and emotionally and I felt like id lost a piece of my soul.
    When I got my first hoop I was still healing and definately had some sore muscles….. I worried that I’d have to give it up too!
    A month after starting I noticed my body adjusting and my pain easing. I can’t believe how much it has helped my body heal. Not to mention my mind! It’s given me hope and I truly believe it saved me from never getting back up again!
    Your videos are so helpful and your encouragement to us all is appreciated!! <3


      What a powerful story! So wonderful to hear of your recovery journey! Who would have thought that a sparkling ring, often dismissed as a kid’s toy could have such profound physical and emotional benefits. Happy Hooping Jenn, wishing you a full and playful recovery!!

  • Lara Clark

    Hi Deanne, I think I may have told you briefly when I sent a video of me working with a piece of your chorography about how I discovered hooping in Feburary last year. I was dealing with the double loss of my Mom and Sister to suicide. It was devestating as they were amazing human beings who everyone was shocked when they departed in this way and only a few months from each other. I wasn’t finding it easy to express my sadness as I felt I needed to keep going for my family. I also wanted to feel complete joy too outside of the time with my beautiful family. Joy for life itself. I discovered hooping and though I always feel I want more time with the hoop, it has been a real gift for me and my light shines to others when I play with the hoop and and is contagious- it is awesome. I am thankful for all the time and energy you put forth to sharing the love of hooping and the journey it can take us on or be a part of. Please let us know if you come to Seattle anytime soon 🙂 Love, Lara

    • Deanne Love

      I cannot express in words clearly enough how much I appreciate you sharing your story of strength. You are a huge inspiration to me and others. I would very much love to come and spin with you some day! Huge joy and love sent your way xx