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The Cumulative Effect of Hooping

I believe that hooping has a magical cumulative effect. Have you felt it?

Like every time you hoop you feel a little stronger, a little more joyous, balanced, confident, centred. Every time you get in your circle you feel a little more awesome, a little more cool, special, sacred, glittery, badass and ready to take on the world.

So whether you hoop for 2 minutes or 2 hours it all adds to your super hooper powers.

Hooping has certainly given me powers that have built up over time and continue to grow.

– Physically hooping has built my muscle strength so that I could realign my posture, heal old injures and keep my body in shape.

– Emotionally hooping has given me confidence to express myself and share that with others.

– Creatively hooping has given me connection with movement as a way to voice my individual style, my range of emotions and my connection with music.

– Hooping has connected me to the raddest people around the globe.

– Hooping has given me a platform to share my strengths.

– Hooping has allowed me to live a lifestyle I adore and provided a delicious career.

– Hooping has opened doors, given opportunities.

– Hooping has shown me that when I do my best, when I try without giving up I will achieve my goals.

Every time I pick up my hoop and gift myself with play and practice these powers multiply.

What super powers has hooping given you? Share yours in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “The Cumulative Effect of Hooping

  1. Hooping introduced me to a great group of individuals with like goals.
    Hooping relieves my stress.
    Hooping allows me to freely express my playfulness.

    Hooping brings out the diva in me….big time!
    Hooping challenges me to dig deep, to explore, to challenge and ride beyond challenges.
    Hooping brings me joy.

  2. I emailed you about this, and I thank you for your beautiful response, but hooping gave me the strength to make it through my babies head surgery at 5 months old!!!
    It also helped me build confidence, reintroduce dance into my life, and give me (some) of my pre pregnancy body back!

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