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Never Fall into a Hoop Rut Again

Yes, even hoopers lose their mojo. Ever had those times when you feel like you are doing the same moves over and over or you feel your hooping is lacking creativity and energy? Never fear it is totally normal.

Here is a fun solution for you anytime you feel like you might be in a hooping rut.

Choose a move that you are enjoying. Any move.

Here I chose the Smear (aka Orbit/Sparkly/Tornado…whatever you call it!)

If you check out this vid you will see the Smear and 2 other variations.

Then take that move and create a little Flow Session. A short choreography of a few moves that feel like they might flow together.

I took the 3 Smear moves from the video above and rolled them into a Flow Session in this next video. Try it out!

Now make yourself a quick playlist or use another hooper’s playlist. Set it to play randomly and use the music as a guide to bring new energy, pace, emotion and variation to the Flow Session.

Check out these examples I shared on Instagram today. The same Flow Session was the foundation for each practice but the music shifted the emotion, pace and inspired new movement.

Hooper tip: when you are feeling stuck in a hoop rut take a short hoop dance sequence you are familiar with, something that comes natural, and give it new life. Put a playlist on repeat and improvise giving new energy and variations to the same flow session. Something new will come out every time! ⚡️⚡️ Just about to upload this week's flow session tutorial to my YouTube (will put link in insta bio soon) but I thought I would add a few videos here to show you how you can take one hoop flow session and go be it lots of different flavour by changing music, pace, energy and adding variation into the moves. ⚡️ go check out the tutorial, have a play with it then tag me to share your variations. ❤️😍 . #flowsession #variation #hoopdance #hooping #hooplovers #hooplove #rhirhi #rhianna #rehab

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Of course you can choose any moves and groove you like. Check out some of the other Flow Sessions here or create some sparkling new ones of your own!

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