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Hula Hoop Kick Up – From Floor to Knees

The gravity defying kick up can be the bane and pain of many hoopers lives. Getting your hoop to smoothly jump up from the floor to your knees is an absolute challenge. I am going to show you an easy and hopefully pain free way.

Great knee and leg hooping comes from balance in your feet, legs and body alignment. Make sure your feet are grounded, your body is tall and your pelvis is tucked under. Many hoopers forget this essential element of leg hooping.

Give yourself plenty of practice with your leg hooping while practicing this kick up so that when you do nail the kick up you can successfully maintain the hoop’s spin when it gets to your knees.

In this video I will break down the Tik Tok Kick Up, a move I have evolved over time to help me execute the kick up.

Is this a move that you have trouble with? 

Give it a try and let me know how you go!

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