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Freestyle Hoop Dance : Healing Heartache with Hoop Dance

Leaving is never easy. Even when you make the decision to.

I am sitting writing this from a sweaty cafe in Ubud, Bali. The first leg of our next journey will be a month here in Bali and then heading back to Australia to make a new home by the beach. Somewhere north and warm. I have learned that I don’t always need a plan and sometimes even when I do it doesn’t work out exactly the way I mapped out; often it is far better than I initially dreamed. Right now I am reminding myself of that through the tears.

It is not the first time I have packed up my life and headed to a complete unknown. You might think that it gets easier. It doesn’t. I guess that is all part of the adventure.

Heartache, maybe even heartbreak is a feeling that comes to mind. I am not sure how long it will take to heal but I do know my only option is to dance with it. And so I did.

This was my last expression of hoop love in the place myself and hundreds of other hoopers called home for many years. All of my heart goes out in gratitude to everyone who met me on this dance floor. There were so many of you. You changed my life. Thank you.


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  • Cindi

    Wishing you peace, happiness, joy, and comfort. Best wishes on your new adventure and journey! Hugs and Hoop love.

  • Carina Goaelfe

    To hoop with a broken heart is like: “Shout everything from you out”,
    all pain and the grief. With every rotation and every touch with Hoop,
    one feels lighter and better. Freely from all worries and problems! To
    be free, in his own small (Hoop) world! I feel with you, stay strong and
    fabolous! you’re a inspiration for me, since my beginning! <3 <3
    Love from Europa, Austria