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40% Off : Hoop Love Sale

40% Off : Hoop Love Sale

So much hoop love in the air! We are having a mega sale on all online courses.

USE THE CODE : ilovehoops at checkout to receive 40% off any online course until July 1, 2017

28 Day Hooper’s Starter Pack usually $77 AUD with code only $46.20 AUD ( approx $35 USD or 30 Euro)

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21 Day Hoop Flow Challenge usually $37 AUD with code only $22.20 AUD (approx $16 USD or 14 Euro)

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Total Hooplovers Bundle usually $141 AUD with code $84.60 AUD

360 Activation Workshop usually $37 AUD with code only $22.20 AUD (approx $16 USD or 14 Euro)

Escalator Combinations 40+ moves usually $37 AUD with code only $22.20 AUD (approx $16 USD or 14 Euro)

Enjoy! Huge hoop hugs and much gratitude for your support and inspiration…always

Do I really need a weighted hoop?

Do I really need a weighted hoop?

Weighted hoops. Are they more effective than dance hoops? Do they burn more calories? Do you need a weighted hoop?

To answer these questions I had to do a test. The results were interesting and I made a video for you.

First of all, let’s define what a Weighted Hoop really is.

A hoop that weighs more than 1kg/2lbs is usually considered a weighted hoop. Hoops that are made of extra heavy plastic, rubber and sometimes metal are referred to as weighted hoops.

This kind of extra heavy, fitness hoop is a weighted hoop. Or this 3lb hoop is a weighted hoop.

In my test to see if a weighted hoop really burns more calories, like they often advertise, I used a 1/5kg/3.3lb hoop.

Some hoop makers may call their hoops weighted hoops even when they are not very heavy, so it is best to check the weight and size of your hoop before you buy it.

This week I strapped on my FitBit and set my timer. Using a weighted hoop (1.5kg/3.3lb) and a dance hoop (500g/1.1lb) I hooped for 10 minutes with each one and recorded the results.

Results and opinions:

After waist hooping with the weighted hoop for 10 mins my FitBit said I burned 40 calories. After waist hooping with the dance hoop for 10 minutes my FitBit said I burned 58 calories.

The Weighted Hoop made me feel uncomfortable and almost a little sick in the stomach. The weight was far too heavy and I would not feel safe dancing, moving or doing any tricks with the heavy, weighted hoop. I felt certain that it would bruise me and I was scared to drop it on my feet.

The Dance Hoop felt more comfortable and because it was lighter, but not too light, I had to work a little harder and felt my muscles activated more and it gave me more of that euphoric feeling that I love from a workout.

In my opinion, extra heavy, Weighted Hoops are unnecessary and uncomfortable, they restrict my movement. Movement is what burns more calories and makes me feel more toned, stronger and more creative. I am worried that the extra heavy weight might cause bruising on my waist or be doing damage to my body.

Beginner hoopers or hoopers who enjoy on body hooping  should be looking for a diameter that makes it easy for them to keep the hoop up and spinning but they do not need the extra, uncomfortable weight of a heavy, weighted hoop.

I would love to hear your opinion. Try a similar test yourself. If you have a FitBit or heart rate monitor, a weighted hoop and lighter dance hoop, plus a timer please give this test a go. How many calories do you burn and how do you feel after 10 minutes with each hoop?


Weighted Hoops

Sports Hoop

Fit Pop

Weighted Hula Hoop

Dance Hoops

Adult Travel Hoops

Dance and Performance Hoop

Dance Hoop

Activity Tracker


Cubot Wristband

Smart Bracelet

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny percentage like 4-8% if you make a purchase using this link but I appreciate everything and it helps keep this blog going! 

What Size Hoop Are You Using?

What Size Hoop Are You Using?

Most commonly asked question on any hoop video I post : What size hoop is that?


You want to buy a hoop but you don’t know what size or style to get. In this video and blog I will show you all of the hoops that I use and give you some extra info and links so that you can get the right hula hoop for you.

I also made you this quick video showing you all of the hoops that I use most often at the moment.

The blog that I referred to in the video was Gala Darling. The blog post that started my hoop journey was this one.  


My first hoop was a 100cm/40″ diameter (25mm/1″ pipe) dance hoop much like this one, except mine was pink and blue. My husband bought it for me in Tokyo.

Here I am doing my best hoop pose, with my first hoop. 2007.


first hoop deanne love


Soon after that I started making my own hoops to use and to sell. I no longer make them, but you can find out how to make them yourself here (DIY : How to make your own hula hoops )


Irrigation Pipe (Polyethylene), PEX or HDPE Pipe Hoops – Great for beginners, dance and fitness

The hoops that I am holding in the video above are 20mm/ 3/4″ irrigation pipe hoops. You can get the Polyethylene irrigation pipe here in the USA or here in Australia. Many hoopers in the USA also buy their pipe from a company called LOWES. Let me know int he comments if you have another awesome supplier.

Here are some examples of irrigation style pipe hoops.

Glitter Dance Hoop

Adjustable size dance hoop

Gaffer Taped Beginner’s Hoop

 What about a weighted hoop?

No, I have never used a heavy, lumpy, hard fitness hoop like this or this. I find them painful, uncomfortable and far too heavy to allow the kind of safe movement I need for improving my skills, fitness and strength. I would never recommend buying a hoop over 800g / 1.5lb if you want to learn tricks, dance and use it for a fitness workout.

Hoops made from irrigation pipe, Polyethylene or PEX like pipe are also often called Weighted Hoops. They have more weight in them than children’s hoops or PolyPro hoops. Dance and fitness hoops (not the lumpy, bumpy, oversized ones) often come with gaffer tape or grip tape on them and this adds a little extra weight and grip.

LED Hoops

Yes the fancy ones that light up. They are incredible and a wonderful investment if you are performing or you like to light up at festivals!

The ones I use are Astral Hoops. I have the Atomics in PolyPro pipe. 90cm/35”

I have seen MoodHoops in action and they look amazing!

I have also used LED hoops from This is a SuperHooper LED in this Instagram video. I love it.

In this old video shot in Tokyo, I was performing with PsiHoops

#pastlife as a hooping gogo dancer in Tokyo with dreads and mohawks #whodat

A video posted by Deanne Love 💜 (@deannelovexo) on


You can find less expensive LED hoops on Amazon from The Hoop Shop. I have not personally tried these ones. The Fusion looks pretty fabulous for only $60 but again I am yet to try this one myself. Let me know if you test it out!

Travel Hoops

Yes you can travel with regular hoops. I often check mine in but if I am only taking carry on luggage then I take a travel hoop with me or I coil my polypro hoops down to fit in my suit case (always take care when doing that and ask your hoop seller if it is ok)

The gorgeous pink travel hoop that I showed in the YouTube video at the top of this post came from the Hooper Market 

I also like the travel hoops from Pretty Sticky in Australia

I also really love the Trinity Starr travel hoops.

And there are a few different ones on Amazon, like the Infinity Collapsible hoop, these dazzling 4 sections travel hoops by The Spinsterz

PolyPro Twins

The hoops I am using in the YouTube video and the Instagram videos below are 78cm/31″ polypro from Hoopologie. I really enjoy this size. I started with irrigation pipe hoops but find the polypro and thinner HDPE easier to work with for off body twin hooping.

PolyPro Hoops

I left my fav hoops until last. I have been using these polypro hoops from SuperHooper for many years and I love them. I use them for on and off body hoop dance. They would have been slightly too light for me as a total beginner but I love them now.

These are 90cm/35″ polypro in UV reactive 3/4″ OD (outside diameter) pipe

So one size does not fit all. Make sure you get yourself an adult size hoop from a quality hoop maker. No kiddies hoops allowed. They go into land fill too quickly, you want something that will last you a long time!

Want to make a hoop?
Read this blog post on Making VS Buying. 

How to Make Hula Hoop DIY


What size is best for you?
Read this blog : What size hoop should I buy? 

buy hula hoop

What size hoops do you have in your stack and where did you get them from? 

Are you a Hooplover?

Are you a Hooplover?

(So tricky to choose a winner! All of your comments are so mind blowing! You are all Hooplovers)

In 2008, Masao and I sat in our little Tokyo apartment with a pencil and paper. We brainstormed ideas and names. What could we call a group of active, fun loving, courageous, funky, fabulous hoopers dedicated to positivity, sharing and expression?


And so the tribe was born.  I sketched us up a quick symbol and a friend made it digital.


In 2017 we are many. There are Hooplovers all over the world. From New Zealand to Norway, Croatia to Canada, South Africa to South Korea. We are global.

But what does it really mean to be a Hooplover? Sure we love hoops, we love the freedom that hooping gives us, we love the community that we have gathered. But how do you know if you are a Hooplover? What makes you a Hooplover? Is it a certain type of behaviour, an interesting quirk, the words you say, the way you act, how you show up in the world?


I thought it would be fun to really explore what makes us Hooplovers. And you know I love a good giveaway…so let’s combine the two.


Complete one or all of the sentences below and go in the draw to WIN A Hooplovers Challenge Prize Pack. All the details are at the bottom of this blog. Leave your answer/entry in the comment below. You can be as creative and clever as you please.


You know you are a Hooplover when/if  ….


I am a Hooplover because …


The sign of a Hooplover …


Here are some fun examples:

You know you are a Hooplover when your Instagram feed is filled with other #hooplovers

You know you are a Hooplover when the only reason you clean the garage out is to make space for more hoops

I am a Hooplover because I am dedicated to keeping my body strong. I hoop every day!

The sign of a Hooplover… you are oddly attracted to circles everywhere and find yourself wondering, “Do you think I could hoop that?”



Enter this giveaway by completing any or all of the sentences above. Enter your responses int he comments below and include your country so we can see how global we are.

You will go in the draw to WIN A Hooplovers Challenge Prize Pack that includes 21 Day Flow Challenge + 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge + 21 Day Twin Hoop Experience (Valued at $111)

One winner will be randomly chosen from the comment section of this blog. That winner will be notified the first week of February 2017.

Giveaway closes January 30, 2017 but you can enter comments as long as you like.

Really looking forward to reading all of your comments.



What I use to make professional videos and teach courses online and offline : Must haves, On a Budget and Full List of Links

What I use to make professional videos and teach courses online and offline : Must haves, On a Budget and Full List of Links

  Over the years I have learned that if I want to be of service, reach out and teach as many people as possible, then I need to provide the best quality so that I can be seen and heard without distraction. Our Hooplovers YouTube channel has received millions of views and we have learned… Continue Reading

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