Q: What Size Hula Hoop Should I Buy? For Beginners & Beyond

What size hula hoop to buy Weighted hoops or dance hoops

There are two basic things you need to hoop dance: a hoop that is the right size for you and hoop dance moves. (Learn how to hula hoop online with me)


You can find hundreds of free tutorials on my YouTube channel here; but first let’s make sure you have the right size hoop.


If you have tried a kiddies size hoop from the dollar store and felt like a failure don’t worry it is NOT you it’s the hoop!


But there are so many kinds out there. This hoop is very similar to the one I started with, but you could also try out a lighter weight polypro for off body faster moves or even a travel hoop if you want to be mobile. There are even LED light up hoops and twin hoops for doubles. But don’t get confused, there are many options. Keep reading and I will break it down even further. It is also great to contact the hoop maker you like and talk to them about your needs.

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