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Q: What Size Hula Hoop Should I Buy? For Beginners & Beyond

Q: What Size Hula Hoop Should I Buy? For Beginners & Beyond

There are two basic things you need to hoop dance: a hoop that is the right size for you and hoop dance moves. (Learn how to hula hoop online with me)


You can find hundreds of free tutorials on my YouTube channel here; but first let’s make sure you have the right size hoop.


If you have tried a kiddies size hoop from the dollar store and felt like a failure don’t worry it is NOT you it’s the hoop!


But there are so many kinds out there. This hoop is very similar to the one I started with, but you could also try out a lighter weight polypro for off body faster moves or even a travel hoop if you want to be mobile. There are even LED light up hoops and twin hoops for doubles. But don’t get confused, there are many options. Keep reading and I will break it down even further. It is also great to contact the hoop maker you like and talk to them about your needs.

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Hoop Teachers : How to fill your workshops with hoopers

Hoop Teachers : How to fill your workshops with hoopers

Yes, we all want to have a full house of hooping bodies when we open the doors on our workshops, hoop classes or retreats but it is not always a case of “build it and they will come”

Here are some powerful ways successful hoop teachers attract their ideal hoopers. And just to keep it fresh…none of these include Social Media strategies (shock horror…I know!)

Offer solutions

Get really clear about the service you offer, your special sauce (we dig deep into that in Hoop Love Coach Training) and the solutions you provide. Communicate them in all of your promotion.

Tell people about the benefits and changes they will experience. Do not simply focus on what (7 pm hula hoop class) focus on WHY (fun fitness with friends or core strength for seniors…whatever it is that you are offering)

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential students. WHY would they want to come to your class?

Give yourself plenty of time

You want to allow at least 6 – 12 weeks before your class or event to consistently promote and reach as many potential students as you can. Within that time you will have peak promo periods. You want to enthusiastically and vibrantly shine your promotional energies when you first launch sign ups, when any offers/early birds or discounts are ending and then again as the doors are closing.

Too little, too late is a common problem that you want to avoid.

Multiple sources

Do not rely on only one source of connection with your students. Especially if you are new to teaching hoop dance you might not know where your students “hang out” If you are only using Facebook updates and shares as your way of spreading the word about your classes then you might be missing a whole group of people who would love to come to your class if only they knew about it in time.

Knowing where your tribe hangs is super helpful and you can get feedback on that by reaching out to multiple sources. Spreading the word through friends, fliers, hoop jams, cafes, your email list, dance studios, meet ups, print media, newsletters and yes a splash of Social Media is going to mean that you are reaching a broader audience and therefore more people who are likely interested in your class.

Temp, Tease and Give a Taste

Offer a taste of your classes, workshops or events in other places. Offer a cameo hoop show at a local fair or expo in exchange for flier drop or other promo. Start a hoop jam or join another jam and ask if you can share a move/sequence as a teaser for your upcoming workshop. If you are running a retreat or specialty workshop share teasers in your classes and promote the bigger event. Partner with a hoop maker who has a market stall and offer to help them out for a day or two in exchange for you being able to share some beginner moves with customers and promo for your beginner course. Offer to do a hoop dance warm up in a friend’s class or another teacher at the same studio. Share a move on YouTube and explain that it is one small part of your signature workshop. Come up with creative ways that people can get a taste for what you are offering.

Your email list

If you do not have your very own email list of students and community then how are you directly communicating with your tribe? Your most powerful source of direct contact and feedback online is your own email list that you are building through your website and student lists. These are the people who are already interested in what you offer, they respect you as a teacher or hooper and they have opted in to receive fun updates from you.

Send your tribe an email, let them know how excited you are to share our special event with them and invite them to join you.

If you do not have an email list of friends and customers build yourself a website, create an email management system and connect now. It is so much easier but more powerful than you realise. Talk to your people (not through the crowded wash of feeds that is Social Media)


So there you have five ways to fill your hoop classes, retreats or workshops. These essentials are sometimes over looked but make all the difference to whether you are stressing out about numbers or having more free time to work on planning a fabulous event and showing up for your tribe.

How do you make sure that your classes are filled? How do you attract more students to your classes?


Want to dig more deeply into understanding your special sauce as  hoop teacher and get excited to share it with your community? Join me for Hoop Love Coach training starting September 1, 2016.

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Try These 3 Tricks to Activate Your Coordination & Flow

Try These 3 Tricks to Activate Your Coordination & Flow

You know that saying “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”? Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? There is nothing great in life that doesn’t take practice, play and persistence. Most of the time on the internet we see the polished final product (except those epic fail compilation videos on YouTube!) but we don’t get to see the hours, weeks, years of practice that goes into the process.

You have to start to be great.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get overwhelmed with big thinking, grand ideas and huge dreams. While this is powerful and exciting it can cripple the execution because it all seems too huge. But a reminder always comes to let me know that it is essential to start somewhere, to start small and work my way up to the bigger stuff.

So with all of that in mind, this week we are starting simple. This week’s tutorial is just seed, a combination of three simple moves as a starter. I hope it grows into magical flow for you!

What is a bikini body & how do I get one? 10 Hula Hoop Workouts to Make You Feel Fabulous

What is a bikini body & how do I get one? 10 Hula Hoop Workouts to Make You Feel Fabulous

Well a bikini body is any body that is wearing a bikini!

I don’t know about you but I am tired of having images of what is supposedly the perfect Summer body shoved in my face. I am fed up with advertising, Insta posts and so-called health experts insidiously suggesting what a woman’s body must look like in order to appear and feel beautiful, sexy or admired.

When do we get the space to decide what makes us feel good? It is not easy to block out all the noise but we have a choice and we can take a stand. It takes action though, it means dropping into the practices of movement and expression that make us feel alive; not because we hate our body or because we feel they need to be fixed or changed but because we adore feeling vibrant, healthy and creative.

I can help you out with the last one on the list above. Here are some fun hoop workouts to help you to feel fabulous…whether you are wearing a bikini of not!

5 Minute Belly Blast

Beginner HIIT the Hoop Workout

Major Lazer : Hoop Love Your Body Workout 

4 Moves for Strong Arms

Beginners Hoop Dance Workout

4 Minute Core Workout Hoop Dance

15 Hula Hoop Tricks Your Body Will Thank you For

Total Beginner Workout

5 Minute Hula Hoop Workout

Off Body Hula Hoop Workout

OK I know, I know it is not as easy as flicking a switch and turning off self doubt and body shame but there are pathways that make self love and acceptance far more attainable. The most powerful one I know is to gift your body with playful movement, strengthening exercise and expressive freedom. That is exactly why I create and share the workouts and tutorials on my YouTube channel. Try them with your bikini on…or anything you love to express yourself in.


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