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Have Fun While You Workout : Learn to Hula Hoop

Have Fun While You Workout : Learn to Hula Hoop

With an adult size hoop, play time and some great tips you can create a workout that is going to have you feeling super fit while having fun. Yes, on body hooping is the most playful way to improve your posture, tone your tummy, lift your mood and make you feel like a circus star!

Here are 5 body parts that you will want to learn to hoop on to get the most out of your workout.


Waist Hooping

What most people think of when they see a hula hoop and the ideal place to start your journey to hoop stardom. Waist hooping for 10-15 minutes per day will not only give you some strong core muscles but it will definitely impress your friends. Start with a few spins and work your way up, soon you will be dancing around the room to your fav tunes. How to Waist Hoop for Total Beginners

Hula Hoop Trick: Waist Hooping

Learn the foundations of hoop dance

Hip Hooping

Dropping the hoop down and working it on your hips is not only going to make you feel like Beyonce it is going to shift that stubborn lower belly pooch. Sassy and speedy, hip hooping takes some practice to pick up the timing but you will nail it in no time.

Hula Hoop Trick: Hip Hooping

 Leg Hooping

Ready for killer balance, superhero coordination and a powerful booty? Yes you are. Leg hooping is your best friend but don’t be fooled by this playful move, correct leg hooping is much harder than it looks in the beginning. Unless you have a good teacher 😉

Hula Hoop Trick: Leg Hooping


Chest Hooping

Now we are talking full core power. This is where your super hooper powers really kick in and once you get the hang of this incredible move you will be feeling like running away with the circus.

Hula Hoop Trick: Chest Hooping

Learn to hoop on your upper body 


Shoulder Hooping

A sweet spot for so many hoopers. It can feel like the popping and locking of hoop dance, but once you get your circular timing on and feel into the connection with your hoop it will be a freestyle float. A strong full body dance that feels like bliss!

Hula Hoop Trick: Shoulder Hooping

21 Day

Shoulder Hooping Challenge

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So how do you get started with this mega fun workout?

  1. Grab yourself an adult size hoop (I started with one like this a dance hoop. You could also get a travel dance hoop like this one )

2. Make a fun playlist

3. Jump over to the Hooplovers channel or book Deanne Love as your hoop teacher. Start off with waist hooping and work your way down or up for an extra challenge!

Try these tutorials to get you started

How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners

Hula Hoop Tricks for Beginners – Isolation Trick

Hula Hoop Trick: Basic Escalator

Hula Hoop Fitness: 5 Minute Hula Hoop Workout

learn to hoop dance


Do you want to learn more about how to hula-hoop? Train with me online.

15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Thank You For

15 Hoop Moves Your Body Will Thank You For

Hoop goals! Yeah.

Watch this hoopspiration vid we made you when we were hanging at the beach. Then keep reading for the most packed list of hoop love ever!

Note that the title did NOT say 15 easy hoop moves. These are gonna make you work it but I chose these 15 moves because working towards all or any of these moves is a journey your body and soul is going to love. One that will unlock new movement, creativity, attitude and strength. Are you ready?

Worth the play time.

These 15 hooping tricks are a workout for the body and mind; totally worth the energy. If you are not already then I am guessing that you are totally going to be hooked on hooping after watching the hoopspiration video so I made you a FREE workshop to give you a break down of each move. Best of all it is online so you can start watching, learning and improving right now. ALSO check all of my tutorials below for extra support. It’s a hoop party yo!

Next level fitness.

As I said, not the easiest moves but the ones that will make the most impact on your body and your hoop dance flow. Be patient, take your time, practice often, play always! I recommend a focussed hoop dance practice of 15 – 60 mins 3 – 4 times per week will have you mastering these moves. Use this video as your hoop goals. #goals

If you are totally new to hooping check out my Total Beginners playlist on YouTube or the On Body Hooping workshop online.

Fun for EVERY body.

Now for a gazillion hoop tutorials. Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom…I have some questions I would love you to answer!

1. Body Rolls :

2. Isolations :

3. Shoulder Hooping :

4. Mandalas :

5. Transitions On & Off :

6. Wedgies :

7. Breaks :

8. 3 Beat Weave :

Beginner Twins Sequence

9. Knee hooping :

10. Pizza Toss :

11. Escalators:

12. Vertical Hooping :

13. Knee to Waist :

14. Waist to Upper Body :

15. Vortex :

Don’t forget you can check all these vids out on the new Hooplovers app (Android version on it’s way…thanks for being patient) Download HOOPLOVERS App here for 100s of Hoop Tutorials.

Now tell me…

What is your fav hoop move?
What has been the biggest struggle for you?
What are you committed to working on right now?

Don’t forget to sign up for the Free workshop of “15 Moves for Your Body Thank You For

Leg Hooping – Kick Out Step Through

Leg Hooping – Kick Out Step Through

Let’s amp things up a little higher this week, you are ready for it. Give this Kick Out Step Through a go! I know you won’t shy away from a fun challenge like this one. And when you master this you will definitely want to show it off. Share it with some friends or show it off on stage.

The benefits of the Kick Out Step Through are not only feeling like a rock star when you nail it though. This one is going to work your core and balance, your coordination and stamina as well as your focus and determination. I am excited to see your style!

This tutorial is the last of the leg hooping videos for a while so if you missed any of this recent series make sure you check out my Leg & Knee Hooping Playlist on YouTube, from the foundations for beginners to this week’s fun move.

The Foot Flick Move – A Hooper’s Friend

The Foot Flick Move – A Hooper’s Friend

A few weeks ago we looked at what to do when you drop your hoop from knee hooping – Ankle Breaks. Just because your hoop falls to the floor doesn’t mean you have to stop your hoop dance flow.

This week check out the ultimate trick to keep your hoop moving even when you drop it. I call it the Foot Flick Up. A funky little move that is going to help your balance and coordination; it will also switch on your hooper powers!

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