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Love Video – Q&A with Deanne Love

Love Video – Q&A with Deanne Love

I love all of your questions and I want to answer them all, I truly do. If there were another 20 hours a day I could totally sit down and type you big, bold, beautiful responses like I dream of…but some how time flies (because I am having so much FUN!) So we deiced to make you a little Love Video from me to YOU.

Check out the video and the links below for more goodies.

Chest Hooping… there is a link in the video but here are some more chest hooping tutorials that will help you!

Beginner hoopers, don’t give up there is so much fun to be had. Here is Part 2 to my How to Hula Hoop for Total Beginners.

Tape from Pretty Sticky in Australia. Hoopologie in the US. Fancy Tapes in the UK. There are others around though so leave us a comment below if you get rad hoop tape from somewhere cool.

My Spotify profile is Deanne Love

My amazing sunglasses in this vid made in Melbourne by Cut Throat on the Street

Where to buy a hoop? Check out Etsy or There are so many gorgeous hoop makers on the internet. If you make and sell hoops please leave your details int he comments below!

How to choose the right size hoop for you.

Leggings love! There are just too many links to include them all. But I love the locally made leggings from New Model Beauty Queen in Australia. I often have a quick check on ASOS. Black Milk have featured in some of my vids. Ebay sometimes rocks my world. But I love great cotton or bamboo fabrics that feel good and are easy to hoop in.

Hope you found this Q&A helpful. If you have a question for me leave it below this blog post or below the video on YouTube and I will try to answer it in my next Love Video!

How I Eat Chocolate Everyday and Still Have Amazing Abs

How I Eat Chocolate Everyday and Still Have Amazing Abs

 I am a full blown chocoholic.

This is something I used to be super ashamed of. My unrelenting sweet tooth would make me feel bad about my food choices, a great deal of guilt and hiding my eating habits. Negative emotions about something that made me feel good? Too much pressure, clearly my chocolate addiction was not going to stop so something had to shift…my limiting internal dialogue.

So I did some healing with myself, had a bit of a chat to those limiting views and decided on something pretty tasty. I eat chocolate everyday because it makes me feel good. I am not addicted to chocolate, I am addicted to feeling good, to high vibes. Chocolate is my bridge to heaven on Earth (among other radness). Raise your hands in the air if you are with me. 

Of course it is all about balance. Sadly I cannot sit around all day eating copious boxes of chocolate and still feel good. The chocolate must be mixed with adequate quantities of water, smoothies, vegetables, hooping and inspiration.  Just like the ultimate chocolate cake the mix of ingredients have to be right.

So this week we are going to do some hoop aerobics together. For the feel good fun factor of hooping (remember that is why we fell in hoop love in the first place) and as a hoop workout to keep our body feeling alive and strong.

It is ALL about feeling good!

You will need a dance or fitness hoop that you can comfortably spin on your body, this is all on-body. We are burning calories and going for rock hard abs. So go grab your hoop, clear some space and join me here. 

This week I would love you to share this with as many friends as you can, whether they are hoopers or not this is a fun way to workout and feel good!


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