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The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Fashion

The Ultimate Guide to Hoop Fashion

Not talking about floaty pants, feather earrings, faux fur leggies or rocking leggings; by ultimate guide to hoop fashion I mean all things with a hoop or hooping actually printed on them. Yes it is a thing.

Hula Hooping Saves Lives. Yes it does and Brisbane artist Dom O’Leary has created this delicious hula girl to share the message. A concept kickstarted by hoop dance Lisa Pineapple also in Brisbane. These are a must have in any hooper’s wardrobe.

hula hooping saves lives

Priorities. Wallet, Keys, Phone, HOOP! 

wallet keys phone hoop

Dawn of Little Atoms on Etsy makes the cutest hooping tanks.

hooping hips

Including the super popular Wanna Hula Hoop? tank.

hula hoop

Also found on Etsy is the Keep Calm and Hula Hoop tank that is definitely the cutest parody of them all.

keep calm and hula hoop

Hula Hoop Aerobics Instructor may actually be one of my favs.

hooping aerobics ta

Now this is what I call (r)evolution.

hoop evolution

In my search for hoop cuteness I found this one and was instantly in love. Yes it is a way of life.

hooping life

A rainbow LED hooping cat? Of course!

hoop cat

Or perhaps a Grateful Dead rainbow hoopers t-shirt is more your style.

grateful dead

For the hooper who cares, this one’s for you.


Would you wear this kind of hooper fashion? Do you have another hoop tee or tank that you adore? Link it below and share it with us. 

(all images belong to the sellers so click the links and support their cool stuff!)

The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide

The Dancefloor Queen Hooper Style Guide
She’s a maniac on the d-floor. So balanced and light on her feet that hooping in heels is a challenge she is always up for. Her purple and galaxy fetish is balanced with golden bling, she makes a style statement where ever she roams. Her current mantra is “Be Dazzling” and she wears it well. With a dash of Lime Crime gold glitter and a spritz of Girlfriend she is ready to let loose in the club.

When she steps out onto the street after a whirlwind night on the dance floor she is never without fabulous eyewear and a ridiculously cool hoodie of some description. Naturally any true matriarch of the disco winds down with a hoop jam in her Dancefloor Queen hoop before drifting off to sparkly dream land.

HOOPLOVERS Hula Hoop Dance Floor Queen

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