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Fake it until you become it : Finding confidence inside your hoop

Fake it until you become it : Finding confidence inside your hoop

Amy Cuddy says “Fake it until you become it” Let’s dance until we become it! Confidence, strength and skill comes only from practice, action and doing. The body changes the mind and the mind changes the body. A powerful TED Talk

One of my earliest memories of watching back a video I took of myself hooping, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I noticed how I was hunched over, shoulders forward, looking down as I danced in my hoop. What I looked like did not mirror how I was feeling when I hooped.

Inside I felt elated, excited, enthusiastic; on the outside I appeared shy, weak and nervous. I made a decision in that moment to consciously match my outsides to my insides and this forever shaped the way I hooped.

You might also notice that I am very conscious about my body language in all of my hoop tutorials, I often start with the hoop behind me so my chest and shoulders are open, on one shoulder so I am aware of my posture or with the hoop resting in front with shoulders rolled back and down. This is intentional posture, it helps to open my breathing and relax my nervous system.

Be witness to all of your actions, they make a difference. Use your awareness to improve your feelings and movements not to judge and belittle your progress.

The next time you step inside your hoop think about your power poses and watch how they shift your mood and hormones if you move into them consciously.

Hoop it until you become it! What are your dancing to become?


Hoop Love YOUR Body

Hoop Love YOUR Body

OK to be clear, this “idea” is more than just a desire to have a hoop party with you (although that is a really cool reason!)

EDIT: I have replaced the word “challenge” with shift or reboot. This is not about suffering or putting yourself through something that you have to force, this is about making a lifestyle shift, making movement a joyful and essential part of everyday. Calling it a challenge might make it seem like it is something you would have to struggle with. Let’s flip that focus. 30 days is just the beginning.

Hoop Love Your Body was an epiphany that I had a while ago but it has taken me a long time to whip it into something that I could share with you.

If you want to join me for a Hoop Love Your Body shift starting August 1 (it is free) add your name to this list and I am going to send you all of the details. Keep reading if you want to know what Hoop Love Your Body is all about and how it was created.

Sign up for Hoop Love Your Body 30 Day Reboot.

This month is my 9 year hooping anniversary. I can’t recall if it was the 7th, the 17th or the 27th that I picked up a hoop but it was definitely July 2007. Over the years because of hooping I have seen many changes in my creativity, my fitness, my clarity, strength, in my body. Just like any movement practice though I would go through plateaus, I would feel like I needed to mix it up because I was getting too “used to it”, I would want greater challenges and sometimes I didn’t even feel like hooping at all. So I would create drills, sequences, dances, complimentary workouts to keep my hooping alive and make sure I was getting all the benefits I desired.

Last year I was really feeling like I was not at my fittest, strongest, most flexible, clear and creative. I was looking for solutions; something fun, powerful and creative that would get me back on track. I wanted a program that would suit the way I loved to hoop, dance, workout and play but that would make me stronger, fitter, more focussed, clear, creative and balanced. I seriously bought every online fitness and yoga program there was. I would buy them, try them and get bored or just give up.

See I am a big believer that if my body doesn’t feel strong, fit and alive then neither do my thoughts, actions and ideas.

One day I was feeling all down and grumpy about not sticking with other programs and not feeling the best that I could feel, I thought to myself ” Girl, you have just got to hoop love your body” Oh yeah, it was right in front of me but I was looking for something else to solve my problems.

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I was instantly excited to create my own hoop program that would fill in all the gaps I felt I was missing. I wanted something fun and playful, that kept me creative and interested but it needed to challenge me. It couldn’t be too complicated, I wanted something I could do if I only had 10 minutes to spare or a longer session if I had more time. So I created a formula. Something that I could work with and remember every time I picked up my hoop to do a workout or practice. I created a whole range of sequences and workouts that would fit this new formula.

I started playing with these Hoop Love Your Body workouts every day or every other day and I was hooked, I kept creating more and more. But the most awesome thing was that I was starting to feel stronger, more confident in my hoop, my eating habits started shifting, I was more focussed on my workouts and my work, I couldn’t wait to do the sequences and workouts I had created for myself. I released some of the weight I was hoping to, I felt my balance improve, my flexibility start to come back and I was feeling really alive in my hoop again.

Naturally I kept thinking “I wish I could share this with everyone” That’s when I thought “why don’t we all do it together, like a big celebration of our hooping, our strength and of all the good things that come out of that” A shift, a reboot.

So that is a long way of saying, do you want to Hoop Love Your Body? Let’s do a reboot, a 30 day one. For 30 days starting August 1 I will start sharing my Hoop Love Your Body workouts with you. I will send you all the details of how it works and how we can play together.

If you want to come along with me for the month of August (it is free) then pop your name on this email list so I can send you out all the details before our first hoop date.

Also if you are on Instagram I am @deannelovexo I will be adding updates there (and might even start a new Hoop Love Body insta if there is enough interest, just so we can connect and focus) and subscribe to my YouTube because I am going to make some videos to help you out and upload them there.

Woah, so that was mega. I felt like I had been bottling up something I wanted to share for a long time. Let’s have a sweaty hoop dance party together. Are you in?

Sign up for Hoop Love Your Body 30 Day Shift.

Download the Hooplovers App : Learn to Hoop Anywhere Anytime

Download the Hooplovers App : Learn to Hoop Anywhere Anytime

Now you can have access to hundreds of hoop dance tutorials and workouts on your phone. Whether you are using iOS or Android you can now download the Hooplovers app and check out all the hoop tutorial playlists anywhere, anytime.

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The coolest part about the new Hooplovers app is you spend less time searching for hoopspiration and lessons because everything is neatly organised into categories so you spend more time hooping and playing!

Oh and did I mention it is FREE!

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Freestyle Hoop Dance : Healing Heartache with Hoop Dance

Freestyle Hoop Dance : Healing Heartache with Hoop Dance

Leaving is never easy. Even when you make the decision to.

I am sitting writing this from a sweaty cafe in Ubud, Bali. The first leg of our next journey will be a month here in Bali and then heading back to Australia to make a new home by the beach. Somewhere north and warm. I have learned that I don’t always need a plan and sometimes even when I do it doesn’t work out exactly the way I mapped out; often it is far better than I initially dreamed. Right now I am reminding myself of that through the tears.

It is not the first time I have packed up my life and headed to a complete unknown. You might think that it gets easier. It doesn’t. I guess that is all part of the adventure.

Heartache, maybe even heartbreak is a feeling that comes to mind. I am not sure how long it will take to heal but I do know my only option is to dance with it. And so I did.

This was my last expression of hoop love in the place myself and hundreds of other hoopers called home for many years. All of my heart goes out in gratitude to everyone who met me on this dance floor. There were so many of you. You changed my life. Thank you.


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