15 Flow Session with Tutorials to Help You Access Flow & Freedom

hooping flow tutorials

Trying these hoop dance sequences is a powerful way to blend your hoop tricks together and access your own style and flow while hooping. Hooping is not only a cardio dance workout, it is a focussed meditation, a way to reduce stress and anxiety, a way to express freedom and creativity and also a healing … Keep reading

Smash your hoop goals this September

Hula Hoop Goals

Got hoop goals? What are you working and playing hard to unlock? Let’s tune in together in September and smash your hoop goals to open up to new freedom in your movement, play in your day and connection in your body. Choose an experience that suits your hoop visions for this year. 7 Day Waist … Keep reading

Floating through the vortex

Vortex Breaks

The Vortex is a move that just never goes out of style. It is equal parts mesmerising and powerful. A strong upper body connection is needed so let me give you a few tips this week plus a tutorial on a fun variation and a playful workout with 4 off body breaks. All of this … Keep reading

8 Hula Hoop Moves for Strong & Toned Arms

8 Fun Hoop Move for strong arms

Strong is the new everything!  And that is exactly what you are going to be feeling when you combine these hoop dance moves with the weight of your spinning hoop. Two new hoop workouts for you below.   30 secs dance 10 secs rest – try 2 – 6 rounds Horizontal Spin  2. Propeller  3. … Keep reading

Upper Body Breaks : Tips, Drills & Flow Session

Inner Elbow Breaks Hula Hoop Tutorial by Deanne Love Hooploverstv

Breaks are those powerful and usually sharp changes in the hoop’s direction. They can take time, focus and patience to become playful and part of your natural style so I made you three new tutorials this week to help you along the journey and I will add some of my past breaks and paddles tutorials … Keep reading