Move Your Body & Love It

Hula Hoop Kick Up – From Floor to Knees

The gravity defying kick up can be the bane and pain of many hoopers lives. Getting your hoop to smoothly jump up from the floor to your knees is an absolute challenge. I am going to show you an easy and hopefully pain free way.

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30 Ways to Add More Fun to Your Hula Hoop Practice


The most exciting time of any new challenge is that honeymoon phase, the beginning but as time passes and other commitments creep in it can be difficult to stay focused, you can loose interest or find other things to do. So I thought I would share with you 30 ways to spice up and gain more from your hula hoop practices.  You will thank yourself for doing it!

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The Best Way to Bring Laughter and Play Into Your Life Right Now : Learn to Hula Hoop on Your Legs

How to leg and knee hooping tips

Deanne Love Hoop dance on your legs and knees hooping

This week’s hula hoop tutorial is “How to Hula Hoop on Your Legs and Knees”

Remember how easy it used to seem to pick something up as a child and just have a good old muck around without having to adhere to much else apart from a sense of adventure? Wouldn’t it be cool to just live in that playful pocket? Well you totally can!

I am not suggesting you have to play dress ups all day long, dust off you Barbies, switch off to reality and skip responsibility for playtime 24/7 (although that sounds pretty perfect!) but  I am highly recommending you pick up a hula hoop and give it a spin, right now! Yes, a hula hoop!

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How to Dance with a Hula Hoop

how to dance with a hulahoop with deanne love

Was your first introduction to hooping seeing an incredible hoop Goddess at a festival or some hoop star on YouTube doing their thing?

I am sure they made it look wonderfully easy. Tried it yourself and realized dancing inside your hoop can be tricky?

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