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Are you a Hooplover?

(So tricky to choose a winner! All of your comments are so mind blowing! You are all Hooplovers)

In 2008, Masao and I sat in our little Tokyo apartment with a pencil and paper. We brainstormed ideas and names. What could we call a group of active, fun loving, courageous, funky, fabulous hoopers dedicated to positivity, sharing and expression?


And so the tribe was born.  I sketched us up a quick symbol and a friend made it digital.


In 2017 we are many. There are Hooplovers all over the world. From New Zealand to Norway, Croatia to Canada, South Africa to South Korea. We are global.

But what does it really mean to be a Hooplover? Sure we love hoops, we love the freedom that hooping gives us, we love the community that we have gathered. But how do you know if you are a Hooplover? What makes you a Hooplover? Is it a certain type of behaviour, an interesting quirk, the words you say, the way you act, how you show up in the world?


I thought it would be fun to really explore what makes us Hooplovers. And you know I love a good giveaway…so let’s combine the two.


Complete one or all of the sentences below and go in the draw to WIN A Hooplovers Challenge Prize Pack. All the details are at the bottom of this blog. Leave your answer/entry in the comment below. You can be as creative and clever as you please.


You know you are a Hooplover when/if  ….


I am a Hooplover because …


The sign of a Hooplover …


Here are some fun examples:

You know you are a Hooplover when your Instagram feed is filled with other #hooplovers

You know you are a Hooplover when the only reason you clean the garage out is to make space for more hoops

I am a Hooplover because I am dedicated to keeping my body strong. I hoop every day!

The sign of a Hooplover… you are oddly attracted to circles everywhere and find yourself wondering, “Do you think I could hoop that?”



Enter this giveaway by completing any or all of the sentences above. Enter your responses int he comments below and include your country so we can see how global we are.

You will go in the draw to WIN A Hooplovers Challenge Prize Pack that includes 21 Day Flow Challenge + 21 Day Shoulder Hooping Challenge + 21 Day Twin Hoop Experience (Valued at $111)

One winner will be randomly chosen from the comment section of this blog. That winner will be notified the first week of February 2017.

Giveaway closes January 30, 2017 but you can enter comments as long as you like.

Really looking forward to reading all of your comments.



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73 thoughts on “Are you a Hooplover?

  1. A sign of being a hooplover is whenever you go to a store that has hula hoops, you have to try and dance with them, no matter who is watching!

  2. A sign you are a hoop lover is when you start having more hoops in more sizes and colours that glow than underwear and clothes!

    Maple Hung
    Ottawa, Canada

  3. You know you are a Hooplover when you hear new music and automatically start choreographing hoopdance moves to dance to it in your head.

  4. You know you are a Hooplover when/if ….your social medi is full of photos of you hooping and over half of who you follow are fellow hoopers.
    I am a Hooplover because …I love having an activity that connects me with so many great people and gives me freedom to dance in a field whenever I want!
    The sign of a Hooplover …is always having a hoop slung on your shoulder or in your car just in cse ther’es an opportunity to flow.

  5. You know you are a hooplover when… I moved into my new house and immediately switched out the chandelier for a flush mount fixture in the dinning area. No dinning table for me! I can hoop there with the added bonus of being able to see my reflection in the sliding glass doors.

  6. You know you are a hooplovers when you start “invisible hoop dancing” when something excites you.^_^

    I am a hooplover because ever since the day I picked up a hoop, I’ve been more self loving and purely happy. It brings out the best in me, and I love sharing that happiness with the world. It’s contagious:)

    The sign of a hooplover: They will definitely have spare hoops in their car or trunk..and won’t think twice before showing you how they work:)

    I’m a hooplover from Texas, USA

  7. You know you are a Hooplover when you search the Internet for everything relating to Hooplovers, anticipate eagerly for updates in Instagram and waiting eagerly for new videos to subscribe to and keep going over and over the YouTube videos so that you can get learn and hopefully replicate those smooth hooping movements and flows that make you so crazily in love with.

    Shirley Wong

  8. You know you’re Hooplover when you find a way to hoop, no matter the weather! The sign of a hooplover: Grip tape scuffs on the walls, doors, etc. that haven’t quite been addressed by Magic erasers yet!

    I am a Hooplover because my circles bring together the best things in life: fun, fitness, playtime, empowerment, and meditation. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, hooping just expands my soul and makes my day amazing!

  9. You know you’re a Hooplover when you have about a hundred hoops but… just… have… to… buy one more because it’s so shiny and shimmery and beautiful!

  10. You know you are a Hooplover if your first thought and final thought each day is how to perfect that move you’ve been working on!

    I am a Hooplover because it’s pure love. It’s love for my mind, for my body & my soul. It’s a selfless and all-consuming love and I am always trying to spread the hoop love!

    The sign of a Hooplover is hoops lying here, hoops hanging there, you can see hoops almost everywhere!

    My hoop circle is here in Daphne, Alabama

  11. You know you are a Hooplover – when in order not to miss your training session you learn to hold your 2 years old daughter and hoop at the same time!!

    I am a Hooplover because … especially when I became a mom, hoopdancing was the only thing that helped me release stress, take care of myself (mind and body) and discover that I was capable to create amazing things with my body!

    The sign of a Hooplover – having more hoops than panties 😛 and weird bruises on your arms due to crazy training sessions to master inner elbow breaks that makes people think you are a total junkie!!

    Hila Hoop – Barcelona (Spain)

  12. You know you are a Hooplover when you are a professional musician, but follow more hoopers on Instagram than musicians!

    I am a Hooplover because it is the first thing I’ve ever been willing to sweat for. It has turned a couch potato into someone who loves to move their body.

    The sign of a Hooplover is when your friends or family need a ride in your car, they know they will have to sit with hoops wrapped around them to be able to fit.

  13. You know your a Hooplover when your excited to show your friends hooping videos! Also, having people over always ends up with us hooping!!

  14. I am a Hooplover because I cannot go one day without hooping, or dreaming about hooping. The happiness that it has brought to my life is beyond amazing and I am grateful to all of the other wonderful Hooplovers out there and the love and support they give one another <3

  15. YOU KNOW YOU’RE A HOOPLOVER WHEN… your friends & family share every hoop video they see on social media with you. All the time, every time.

    I KNOW I’M A HOOPLOVER BECAUSE…hula hoops are a standard item in my car, just in case of spontaneous hoop jams or random spinspiration.

    THE SIGN OF A HOOPLOVER…you have a “hoop momma/poppa” and know all the community-famous hoopers & their styles.

    Much love to the hoop community!! xoxo

    Hooping has brought out a sense of confidence in me that I have a hard time obtaining. Just like any other person, I tend to get down on myself and I also suffer from anxiety. When I pick up my hoop, all of that goes away. I can just flo to some amazing music and shut out my worries and be myself. My hoop does not judge and neither does the hooping community and it truly is a magical thing. ✌️

  17. You know you’re a hooplover when you can spot a hula hoop from a mile a way, whether its on TV or out in the world! Or when you can’t look at or walk past your hoop without picking it up and playing with it.

  18. -You know you are a Hooplover if you’re having a bad day and right when you start to flow all your sorrows disappear.

    -I am a Hooplover because I love to release my inner worm when I pick up my hoop

    -The sign of a Hooplover is when they pick up the hoop and they get this fierce look in there eyes.

  19. I knew I was a hoop lover when I started bringing my hoop everywhere with me. My idea of shopping is going to my local hoop maker and shopping. When I can’t remember where I put anything but I always remember where my hoops are.

    I’m a hoop lover but it’s part of my soul. It’s my whole being. It’s something my daughter and I share together. It helps me see the beauty in life in nature and helps with my vegan life style. It’s my creative flow. My way of expressing myself.

    The sign of a hooplover is when your home is full of hoops and your still buying more. When u should be sleeping but ur hooping instead. When your you tube play list is Deanne Love videos.

    Happy hooping

  20. Jeannie Pendergrass
    You know I’m a hooplover because I have a great number of contacts in my phone all last named hoop after sharing the many hoops I tote around in my van teaching & sharing & meeting new people.
    I know im a hoop lover because ive probably made a thousand of them, teach classes 3xs a wk, do workshops for girl scouts & volunteer my skills at fundraisers.
    A sign that im a hooplover is an actual sign outside my house picturing a “hooper crossing”. Also a front door mat. Also I painted “got hoops & happy vibes on the back of my van.
    Spreading the hoopiness in N.Y.!

  21. I knew I was a hooplover after my friend first introduced me to the flow art about a month ago… When the urge to hoop every day kicked in and now I get a little upset if the weather’s bad or I’m feeling unwell and am unable to hoop and learn more, but then I can always watch your videos, so either way it’s still a positive 🙂

  22. The day was March 9th, 2016. A co-worker brought her hoops in to work for us to try at lunch break. An hour later, I went on Amazon and bought my first adult sized hoop – it was love at first whirl!!

    You know you’re a Hooplover when, every time you listen to music or hear a new song, you consider it’s “hoopability” and if so, on what hoop playlist it could go! Every space you’re in, you assess whether it’s large enough to hoop in. Every outfit you wear, you make sure it’s hoop friendly! You randomly envision yourself hooping throughout the day, like most people think about eating sugar. You bought furniture moving discs to put under your sofa so you can push it out of the way to hoop indoors. You have so many hoops now that you had to buy a ladder hook to organize them. You find yourself counting the days during the winter until you can hoop outdoors in spring!

    I am a Hooplover because it’s a natural extension of my love of yoga and meditation and when I am in my hoop, I get an exhilarating sense of freedom. All at once it’s fun and freeing, and a form of exercise that is challenging, creative, expressive and almost limitless in possibilities. It’s a stress reliever and a joy enhancer. My life has been forever changed. I no longer have to think in terms of “fitting in” exercise into my day as a chore or something I “have to do.” It’s something I WANT TO DO, so I’m active almost every day. Behold the power of the circle!

  23. You know you are a Hooplover when you are watching a
    movie and think the soundtrack would be great to hoop dance.

    I am a Hooplover because of the symbiotic relationship
    with my hoop. We both come alive in each
    other’s hands.

    The sign of a Hooplover… Your place is set up to allow
    you to indoor hoop.

  24. You know you are a Hooplover, when your heart is warmed at the sight of your mentee/friend, freeing themselves in flow.

    The sign of a Hooplover Is LOVE, we have love for our bodies, our minds, our souls and most of all our community. We selflessly spread love to all we encounter and we strive to never discourage anyone, especially ourselves!

    I am a Hooplover, because through flow I am freed of all my insecurities, stresses and woes; As a Hooplover I have grown in so many ways, tricks, dance, flow, mostly though I’ve grown as a person, internally for eternity.

  25. You know you’re a hooplover when you have hoops all over your house so there is always one within grabbing distance for spontaneous bouts of hoop dance.
    I am a hooplover because after a long time of living in my head, I now embrace my body and movement. Hooping feeds me and brings me joy.
    A sign of a hooplover is weird marks – on my self and on my ceilings. And the inability to look away if you even get so much as a glimpse of someone else with a hoop.

  26. I am a Hooplover because 5 years ago I decided to create by myself a hula hoop group in Rio de Janeiro to hoop around with anyone and now I’m a certifyed hula hoop teacher who still loves to help new hoopers to find their flow! Let’s hoop, Rio!!! <3

    I'm Camila Rocha owner of Hoop Rio, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

  27. You know you’re a hooplover when you come home from work, pour yourself a glass of wine, and have your own hoop dance party. You also know you’re a hooplover when you find yourself hooping before your first cup of coffee. Or when you walk past your hoop on the way to doing something else and find yourself hooping instead of doing whatever it was you were meant to be doing in the first place. Or when you are on vacation and don’t bring your hoop and can’t wait to get home so you can hoop again 🙂

  28. You know you’re a Hooplover when you’re in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy and excitedly thinking about how you can get your circle on with three holes in your belly. 🙂 (True story = me)

  29. you know you are a hoop lover when all the furniture in your living room is crammed to one corner so you can have space to hoop.
    kisses and hugs from Israel!

  30. You know you are a Hooplover when you crave your hoops like chocolate during your moon cycle. When you schedule time to learn new tricks and if you go with the flow and grow where you can when you can.

    I am a hoop lover because I love to move. Because I love to dance and be merry. My hoop is a dance partner that centers me and challenges my mind, body and feet with every tango. I am a hoop lover because I don’t compare myself to others, I appreciate the relationship I have with my hoop and walk my own hoop path at my own pace.

    The sign of a hooplover is freedom, joy, laughter, fun, exploration, meditation, strength, courage, passion and fire.

    <3 Fellow Hoop Lover, Eureka, CA, USA

    • Oh yes I know that feeling!

      Loved reading this!! I hope that others enjoy it as much as I did and feel the inspo to grab their hoop; I am sure they will. So beautifully worded!

  31. You know you’re a hoop lover when you pick up anything that’s roundish and attempt to hoop. Tires, pool floats, anything that could maybe almost be a circle. 🙂

    I am a hoop lover because it makes me feel like I’m in my body, but also connected to something far beyond the physical limits of my skin.

    The sign of a hoop lover is: a growing collection of hoops, random bruises in strange places, a happy attitude, constantly spinning, loves circles of all kinds.

  32. I am a hooplover because it has literally and figuratively moved me! Ditching old habits, creating healing activity, sparking passion, and making connections have all moved me closer towards the person I strive to be. Thank you for stirring and growing this community ♡♡♡


  33. YES!! So many times I just want to stop my car and get out a bust hoop moves. Sometimes I have to turn the radio off because I get so distracted, forget to drive cos I am dancing. Dangerous!

    Loved what you said about the freedom and joy. True!!

  34. I am a hooplover becasue I find you, Deane. Trully. I felt in love.
    And you know you are a hooplover when you shop in garden centres only for irrigation pipes 😀
    And the sign of hooplover? Visiting your sites more than ten times a day 😀 😀

  35. You know you are a Hooplover if every time a song comes on you make up combos in your head. You also fall asleep drilling those combos in your head over and over and over. Then as soon as you wake up you grab your hoop to practice!!

  36. YOU KNOW YOU’RE A HOOPLOVER WHEN you have a very large empty area of space in your house/lawn and/or you get excited to have a half hour of free time because you can work on that trick you just can’t quite get.
    I AM A HOOPLOVER BECAUSE the above is true, and because it’s a kind of therapy–it’s a marriage of me time and breathing and dance. What’s not to love about that?
    THE SIGN OF A HOOPLOVER has to be kindness! The hooping community has been so welcoming, kind and supportive that I’ve learned to feel great even when I’m struggling!

  37. You know you are a Hooplover if you use every little moment free time to try some hooping tricks, even if you are totally tired at 12 o´clock at night and it would be much wiser to go to bed.

    I´m a Hooplover because as a kid I was never able to do just one round an now I´m just addicted. After a serious breakdown at the age of 37 I met a woman at the health resort I had to go in summer who told about hooping. I bought my first Hula hoop and it did not work. I searched on YouTube and I found you there! Now I already got the third Hula hoop and my husband is already afraid, that I will quit my job at school to do hooping all the time. And it is totally contagius… my 5 year old daughter loves it too!!!

    The sign of a Hooplover … you are thinking and thinking to invent a hoop which sqeezes in a small pocket to carry it with you everythere … just in case…

  38. You know you are a Hooplover when working out becomes relaxation.

    I am a Hooplover because I will find a way to put hooping into my busy schedule daily.

    The sign of a Hooplover… you never have enough hoops, you have at least one room with skid marks.

  39. You know you are a hooplover when you have random bruises on your hands and no one understands when you say it’s from “hooping”. 😉

  40. You know you are a hooper when a song is playing and you’re hooping in your head, in the car, during a walk, on the treadmill! I can hoop in my head to any music whatsoever. I am a hooper because I want to learn so badly that I just practice, practice, practice! That’s what I tell people when I’m teaching them. Never give up! It’s addicting. The sign of a hooper is that people know how much you love it when you perform and practicing those moves that you just can’t get no matter how long it takes. Rocking those fluffies, fishnets, short shorts and plenty of glitter! It’s changed the way I feel about myself and the way I dress. Also watching hooping videos for hours. When hooping in the house, you move every picture, every plant and everything that might break if you accidentally fling the hoop.

  41. you know your a hooplover when you can influence the whole household to hula hoop with you. I have 2 daughters (ages 2 & 11) and a husband (who is the most unathletic guy you would ever meet). Since I practice daily and jam to music after a long day of work, releasing the tension of the day, everyone can see my energy change and how much fun it can be sof they get their hoops and join me! I have had to purchase extra hoops so everyone can use one without having to wait. by the way it’s funny to watch my husband try, he cant do it well but it’s so much fun so it doesn’t matter!

    Tressah from USA, Michigan

  42. You are a Hooplover when you don’t give up but you try everyday to unlock tricks, as you progress as a hooplover the energy build up to create combos and teach others.

    I’m a Hooplover because hooping is in my mind all the time, I go hooping as soon as I wake up and before going to bed after a busy day.

    The sign of a Hooplover is optimism and the constant search for self-improvement.

    Best wishes, Soledad from Costa Rica

  43. I am a hoop lover because that’s when I feel the most confident. Since I had rods put in my back, I am not at all flexible. Hooping has helped my flexibility, and has helped me feel more confident in my movements. Now, I’m a hooping robot. Oklahoma, USA.

  44. You know you’re a hooplover when you air hoop at work 🙂
    I am a hooplover because hooping has helped me grow as a whole! Ever grateful <3
    The sign of a hooplover….when someone can't help but relate life to movement, circles and flow 🙂
    Taylor Solano from Connecticut, USA

  45. I am a Hooplover because hooping is something I can do even with chronic pain. It centers and helps heal me. Amanda Alexander from Chandler, Ok.

  46. I am a hooplover, because it brings so much happiness, love and joy to my life. My hoops connect me with amazing people from all over the world. They are inspiring, caring and encouraging and make the world a better place, because it counts what we have in common and not what divides us.

  47. You know you are a Hooplover when you feel bad if you miss a day of hooping.
    You know you are a Hooplover if you always have a hoop in your car or your living room floor.

    Laura from Montréal, Canada.

  48. You know you are a Hooplover when you can’t pass by the children’s hoops filled with water at Walmart without picking up and playing, no matter what aggravated look your husband has on his face at having to wait for you.
    You know you are a Hooplover when you can’t keep from smiling when you have a hoop on your waist or in your hands, even when your mind is thinking about work or some other unpleasant task.
    The sign of a Hooplover is a room full of hoops but a hoop listed on every wish list for your birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.

    Tonya from Missouri

  49. I am a Hooplover because I never feel as free as I do when I’m inside of my hoop. 🙂 It makes me feel like I am a child again, a child who can accomplish anything and has the entire world to look forward to.


    Triann from Canada

  50. You know you’re a Hooplover when looking at new places to live and the parts you’re most excited about are finding a big empty room with tall ceilings and a good floor or lots of mirrors (and you plan to keep it empty to fill it up with flow not furniture!) and private yard space for outdoor hooping as well.
    I am a hooplover because hooping allows my passion to flow, strength to build, and relaxation to find me.
    The sign of a hooplover: when a server/hooplover is bored at work and starts spinning and twirling the serving trays around.
    Hooping back to you from Cincinnati, OH, USA!

  51. I am a hooplover because I finally find something I love, and I never imagined I could do all the things I learned, now I know I can do anything! You know you are a hooplover when everyone calls you “hula girl”. Thank you Deanne for the 360activation workshop, You are an amazing teacher! I am from Argentina. I am happy that I found you in YouTube, at first I just wanted to learn how to hula hoop in my waist, but you inspired me to learn more! Thank you ❤

  52. I am a hooplover because in my head I am always thinking about all the possible hoop tricks, moves, combos and flows I could do, even when I am doing all the mundane tasks that life requires of me. So outwardly I may be, say, chopping a carrot, or filling up my car, or having a shower, but in my head I’m doing an isopop antispin forward weave toss reverse escalator crotch trap body roll.

  53. You know you are a Hooplover when you are doing imaginary or even real air hooping while waiting in long lines. I knew I was a serious Hooplover when I discovered the Big Thunder Mountain train was closed for repairs, but the cast members had hula hoops and as soon as I saw the hoops, I bailed on all my Disney plans and had to hoop right then and there. So instead of riding attractions or seeing shows I was hooping and sharing hoop joy and how to perform skills with others.

  54. I am a hooplover because it makes me so happy when I stand in the middle of that miracle circle. All my fears, sadness and depression , they just go away. And whenever I hoop my dog is also hooping with me so hooping has also good impact on animals tooo! Feeling so blesses that I am part of such a big community like Hooplovers!

  55. You know you are a Hooplover when you go out somewhere and the first thing you think is “This would be a perfect place to hoop!”

    I am a Hooplover because hooping not only brings me joy & relaxation, but it also makes me stronger mentally and physically.

    The sign of a Hooplover… seeing a REALLY PRETTY hoop and getting hella attracted to it. LOL

  56. I am a hooplover because every place I go, I’m thinking…is there enough space, and will people think I’m too wild if I hoop there?

  57. you know you’re a hooplover when you even hoop in your dreams!
    i’m a hooplover because i’m addicted to those sparks of joy and gasps of delight that a hoop (or two) inspires!
    the sign of a hooplover is using hoopy expressions like: “what goes around, comes around”, “come full circle” or “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”…

  58. You know you are a Hooplover when you start hooping to an imaginary hoop whenever you listen to a fun song.
    I am a Hooplover because I want to spread, share hooping everywhere and teach from my experience.
    The sign of a Hooplover is to get excited with circles! Hoop with everything that has hoop shape.

  59. You know your a hooplover when you accidentally greet strangers with hey hooper! Because you’ve binge watched so much deanne love videos!

    I am a hooplover because hooping makes me happy 😀

    The sign of a hooplover is when they have no light bulbs left in their lights due to too many hoop crashes :S

  60. Your neighbor walks up while you’re practicing moves…but you’re not in a hoop. You sheepishly try to explain…

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