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April Hoop Love Playlist – 200 Songs to Rock Your Hoop

I am not really a collector of many things but I do tend to hoard hoops and music…oh and maybe Converse shoes. My collection of tunes just keeps expanding, I spend hours and hours every week listening out for new tracks, making the world stop turning when I hear a song somewhere and must Shazam it and trawling through random Spotify playlists. So I thought it might be a nice idea if we swap playlists.

So I whipped up a hooping collection for this month. 200 songs to jam to, in no particular order so you might like to rearrange the vibe to suit your hoop style and energy.

You can check out the 200 songs for this month on Spotify right here and if you want to swap you can always leave me a link below to your playlist or some song titles that you are loving right now. Thanks a million. New music YAY!

There are always favourites in any playlist that get put on repeat. This month I would have to say those are:


Nicki Minaj – Trini Dem Girl and THIS choreo

Prince – Dance 4 Me

Umami – Sunny


Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are U Now

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