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5 Hoop Moves for Total Beginners


Even if you have just begun your hoop journey there are a few foundation moves that are going to get your feeling confident in your hoop fairly quickly.

There are so many hoop moves but here are 5 quick hoop tricks to help you get started.


The move that everyone considers the epitome of hula hooping. Try these tutorials to get you waist hooping.

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These are also called off body moves, and there are so many but as a beginner try these 3 hand tricks to get you started


A funny name for a hoop move but a great one to have you feeling like a circus star right from the beginning. You can try it right now, grab any size hoop and watch this tutorial.

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Because you deserve one!



These moves are the magic of hoop dance but will also give your great strength and coordination.



These are just five ways that you can start to improve your hula hoop skills, bring in new strength and creativity. If you want to learn all of the foundations and know how you can use a hoop for fun and fitness then grab the 28 Day Hooper’s Starter Pack you can use anywhere, anytime.

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