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Welcome to the 40 Days of Flow. We started this challenge back in 2013 and since then hundreds of #hooplovers have joined in and made changes in their lives sharing their joy and breakthroughs with each other.

Since then we have created powerful flow practices such as 21 Day Flow Challenge, 21 Days to Smooth Shoulder Hooping and the 21 Day Twin Flow Experience. 


For more information on the original 40 days of flow series keep reading and then scroll all the way to the bottom to find some hoop flow dance tutorials so you can bring more hoop fun into your daily practice.

This is your reset button. Press it if you want to feel good. That’s what it is all about.

This is not created to fill life with more stuff, the 40 Days of Flow is made to simplify the clutter and focus on feeling more alive; whatever that might mean for you. 

We are going to reinstall some powerful habits that may have wandered off so we can find more balance, creativity, harmony and focus.

I sure need some of that so thought you might too.

Here is how it works. 

Choose the habits you need to reboot. I am choosing 7 core habits and staying open to new ones that come through.

What are the habits that you spend time “shoulding” your self about?

“I really should do yoga every morning” “I should get up an hour earlier everyday” “I should take my vitamins everyday” Actions you can take daily.

Also think about the times when you have felt the most authentic and alive in your body and mind. What practices helped these feelings?

Make a list.

Here is mine for this 40 days:

1. I will meditate daily. Exploring various practices.

2. I will hydrate my cells with shitloads of water daily.

3. I will hoop daily.

4. I will create a daily positive mantra and say/sing/chant/scream/whisper it to myself morning, noon and night as well as anytime I am feeling a little off.

5. I will write something, anything with my hands in my journal everyday.

6. I will try one new thing everyday. Yikes!

7. I will feed my body nutrient rich foods every day.

These practices for me have dropped out of my day to day focus and have left me feeling lack lustre. Time to bring sexy back!

Now it is your turn, try writing a list of positive habits you would like to reboot, power up or keep in your day. Simple but powerful.


If you are looking for a way to track your progress and manage your practices effectively so you can balance them with your schedule then I recommend the Habit Clock app. Check it out.

Set up your day for success.

Each morning it is vital to set up your desired feeling for the day. In the morning when you wake up take a moment to focus on how you want to feel for the day. As often as you can and especially when you are feeling out of sorts come back to that intention.

And if you want to share your progress and inspiration you can #40daysofflow on instagram, twitter or Facebook. Invite your friends and family, we all need some good feels right now. Expect magic to happen.


Flow sessions to bring in to your daily practice

For more Flow Sessions and Hoop Dance tutorials click on the image below to find hundreds of free Hooplovers tutorials and inspiring videos.


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