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25 Hula Hoop Tricks with Tutorials : Fun Hand & Arms Tricks You Might Not Have Tried Yet

25 Hula Hoop Tricks with Tutorials : Fun Hand & Arms Tricks You Might Not Have Tried Yet


There are hundreds of ways to spin a hula hoop and not all of them are on your waist (although that is super fun! Try it out ) Learning hoop tricks is a great way to strengthen your body and tone your arms but will also give you great focus for your workouts and dance.

Try any of these 40 moves, mix them up, use them as a workout or combine them for a fun hoop dance choreography. Then share it with me on Instagram @deannelovexo

Join the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge


Just 7 Minutes a Day : Let’s do this!

28 Day Hooper’s Starter Pack : Get your here 

Find the whole playlist of Off Body Hula Hoop tutorials here and subscribe to the Hooplovers YouTube channel here for weekly tutorials to keep your hoops spinning.

30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge : Full Body Workout

30 Day Hula Hoop Challenge : Full Body Workout

Your 30 day guide to the most fun way to workout, dance and play.

If you are new to this hoop thing then welcome. Note that hooping is more than just spinning a circle on your waist, but let’s take it step by step!

If you have been hooping for a while this challenge will be a great way to stay strong and improve your hoop dance fitness and skills.

Why don’t we try a 30 day jump start? Mostly waist hooping to get you stronger and more fabulous! Here is the plan. I have mapped out 30 days for you, use this as your guide but feel free to mix it up. The most important thing, if you really want to see results, is to show up, play, have fun and work up a glittering sweat. Every day. You got this!

Join the 7 Day Waist Hooping Challenge : Daily Lessons : FREE

Below your 30 day guide you are going to find a huge range of tutorials and workouts you can use as inspiration.

Let’s start off at 5 minutes per day and then challenge ourselves to reach a fit and fabulous 25 minutes per day of hula hooping! Grab a timer, your hoop, turn up your favorite tunes and get ready to transform the way you workout and feel.

This 30 Day Challenge includes waist hooping, waist + arms (waist hooping while moving your arms), waist + legs (waist hooping while stepping, turning, travelling, moving, walking), waist + hips (hooping on your waist and your hips), waist + dance (your own freestyle HAVE FUN!)



Waist hooping is the foundation of hula hooping. It can take a little getting used to so make sure you have an adult size hoop and you give yourself a couple of days of practice. Here is how to make a hoop and pick the right size for you.

Try this one out for a bit of extra 5-minute fun on your waist

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Let’s stick together over the 30 days! You can find me on Instagram @deannelovexo use the hashtag #hooplovers to stay connected and find other Hooplovers

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly free hooping tutorials.

If you are excited about some other hoop dance challenges then join my 21 Days to Smooth Shoulder Hooping


How to Make a Hula Hoop : Making VS Buying Your Hoop

How to Make a Hula Hoop : Making VS Buying Your Hoop

You are just one adult size hula hoop away from being a hooper. So should you make your own or buy one?

Making your own hula hoop can be super fun and creative (scroll to the bottom to see some of my fav, sparky hoop tapes!)


  • You can measure the exact size you would like to begin hooping with
  • You can decorate it in your own style
  • You don’t have to wait for your hoop to be shipped
  • You can make some for your friends too


  • If you make your own you might not get all the details correct the first time. When you buy from a professional hoop maker you can discuss correct size and pipe, hoop care and know you are going to have a quality hoop
  • If you just want one hoop, buying from a hoop maker is perhaps faster and more time/cost effective. When buying hoop supplies you may have to buy bulk and invest in a few extra pieces of equipment and tape your first time.
  • taping hoops can be challenging the first time; practice makes pretty (I added a great tutorial below)

If you think you would like to dive right in to the creative process of making your own hula hoop then I have created a playlist of How to videos for you below (made by some super creative hoopers). You will also find lots of hoop tape and equipment ideas at the bottom of this blog.


If you think you might like to get someone else to whip you up a professional and sparkling hoop then scroll to the bottom of this blog and you can find some ideas and compare prices. I have also listed some of my favourite hoop makers at the bottom.


Hoop Tape (the fun bit!!)

Mermaids! Disco sequin teal hula hoop tape

GASP! Galaxy Duck Tape

Neon Grip Tape

Dreamweaver Metallic Hoop Tape

Colourful electrical tape (hoop makers dream)

Twilight Prism (an absolute fav…this is great quality tape too!)

High Intensity Reflective tape (make a glow hoop!)

Leopard Print Duck Tape (for the coolest hoop ever!)

Rainbow Kaleidoscope YES PLEASE!

Watermelon Haze YUM!

Economy sparkling hula hoop tape (a cheaper option)

Sun & Fire Colour Changing WOW!

UV Gaffer Tape (this is the grip tape that makes everything stick!)

Rainbow Duck Tape

Hoop Pipe (be sure to check the pipe size and match with connectors or contact seller to get the correct connectors)

Irrigation Pipe

Pipe Connectors

Hot pink polypro pipe !!

UV Pink pipe

Lightweight polypro pipe

You can also buy amazing hoop pipe at hardware stores and online at Hooplogie, Hoop Supplies and Super Hooper!


Strong pipe cutter

PVC pipe cutter

Less expensive pipe cutters

Connectors (always check sizes)

Measuring tape


OK if that all seems like too much fuss, let’s go shopping. I will add a list of links to beginner hula hoops and hoop makers that I love who make beginner adult size hoops


Hoop makers : Where to buy an adult size hoop

Pretty Sticky  Australia
SuperHooper USA (my UV hoops are from here!)
One Stop Hoop Shop UK
Hoopologie USA

Choose your size adult hula hoop

Adult Weighted Hula Hoop

Violet Glitter Adult Hoop

Silver and Black Travel Hoop

Adult Size Hula Hoop


If you do make your own hoop please the me on Instagram @deannelovexo and use the hashtag #hooplovers so I can find you!


Oki doki once you have your hoop you are going to need to learn some funky grooves! I got you sorted. Jump over to my YouTube channel to begin with and check out all the playlists there and leave a comment below if you have any requests or questions.



15 hula hoop tricks

Please note : I have not used all of these exact tapes or hoop making equipment myself, but I have used similar and have shared links to products I would use myself!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive a tiny percentage like 4-8% if you make a purchase using this link but I appreciate everything and it helps keep this blog going! 



Holiday HIIT with a Hula Hoop

Holiday HIIT with a Hula Hoop

Yes you can make your HIIT workouts extra fun this holiday season by grabbing yourself a hula hoop, making a super cheery playlist and set that timer for a 7 minute burst of fun!

Or you can just follow along with my hoop interval training workouts. Easy, fat burning fun!


Subscribe to the Hooplovers YouTube channel here for hundreds of hula hoop tricks and workouts and share your hoop love on Instagram @deannelovexo use the hashtag #hooplovers so we can connect!

Want to try something a little more challenging? Let’s work the hoop on all levels of the body.

And then for some off body HIIT, let’s rock those isolations

If you are feeling ready to dance off the holiday cheer then try some of these pop workouts choreographed to some of this year’s most popular songs

Loving these workout and want more? See the whole playlist on YouTube

10 Reasons to Start Hula Hooping Right Now

10 Reasons to Start Hula Hooping Right Now

The most fun 2017 new year revolution Hoopers around the world are saying that a hula hoop has changed their mood, life, fitness, body and soul. Yes you can start hooping right now too. Join the FREE 7 Day Waist Hooping challenge.  Check out the reasons why you are going to love this fun way to support… Continue Reading

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