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Fun Workouts for a Strong Core and Killer Abs

Fun Workouts for a Strong Core and Killer Abs

What is this strong core everyone speaks of and why do we need killer abs anyway?

The fact is that we all have abs, but whether or not they are visible and rippling is determined by few factors.

The abs, abdominal muscles or transversus abdominis and rectus abdominis (the washboard, six pack) and are actually part of your core. They are grouped together with your pelvic floor muscles (yes Kegels), your multifidus (the super important muscles that keep your spine in alignment), your obliques both internal and external (the sides of your torso), your spinal erectors (a bunch of muscles that help you to twist and keep your posture nice and straight), your diaphragm (crucial for breathing, we want this to be strong and healthy), your latissimus dorsi (my fav muscle name ever), gluteus maximus (your booty!), your trapezius (keep these thriving to ward off neck and shoulder tension and pain).

What if there was a workout that simultaneously worked all of these core muscles at once, making them all strong and healthy while shedding the fat around them?

There is! Hooping. And it is fun. 

Regular hooping works to strengthen the core muscles and combined with clean eating will help to make those rippling abs want to come out and play (or at least make you feel alive, strong and aligned; trumps a six pack any day).

5 Ways to Hoop for a Total Body Workout

So here are some workouts to get you started. And if you don’t know how to hoop yet then grab The Foundations of Hooping and let’s workout.

5 Minute Hula Hoop Workout – How I eat Chocolate Every day

5 Minute Calorie Blasting Hoop Workout

Best Standing Ab Workout

Hula Hoop High Knee Coordination

Off Body Hoop Workout

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Floating through the vortex

Floating through the vortex

The Vortex is a move that just never goes out of style. It is equal parts mesmerising and powerful. A strong upper body connection is needed so let me give you a few tips this week plus a tutorial on a fun variation and a playful workout with 4 off body breaks. All of this in preparation for a floaty flow session using the Vortex Breaks, I am going to add all the videos below.

A great way to learn is to start off with the off body breaks as a warm up, move into working on the Vortex Break move and then see if you can float it all together in the flow session.

Learn to hula hoop online

8 Hula Hoop Moves for Strong & Toned Arms

8 Hula Hoop Moves for Strong & Toned Arms

Strong is the new everything!  And that is exactly what you are going to be feeling when you combine these hoop dance moves with the weight of your spinning hoop. Two new hoop workouts for you below.



30 secs dance 10 secs rest – try 2 – 6 rounds

  1. Horizontal Spin  2. Propeller  3. 2nd Horizontal Spin  4. Passing Up & Down

30 sec hoop dance 10 sec rest

  1. Hand to Hand Breaks (off body)  2. Pizza Pass  3. Pass & Break  4. Whirlpool Breaks


Find more hula hoop workouts here on the Hooplovers YouTube channel


Learn 40 hoop dance moves

Booty Wraps & Crotch Traps. What have they got to do with hooping?

Booty Wraps & Crotch Traps. What have they got to do with hooping?

This week I shared a cheeky tutorial on YouTube and I named the move the Crotch Trap.

No More Inner Thigh Bruises

It is a fun little variation of many other moves that we either love or love to hate like the wedgies and escalators.

And of course I can’t obsess over a move without creating a million different flow sessions around it so I whipped up a quick hoop dance flow this week. Equally as cheeky with booty wraps and crotch traps galore! Oh you are going to LOVE it!

Butt Wrap Crotch Trap Flow Session

Sharing some more crotch trap inspo over on Instagram this week so come and play @deannelovexo

And if all this inner thigh action wasn’t enough for you make sure you check out some of the links below…

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